Friday, January 30, 2009

more handmade wedding dresses under $500

Eco Chameleon Wedding GownThe Intrepid Evening Dress
White as Snow DressWhite Cotton Dress
Dove silk dressbohemian.  cotton dress.  womens sizes.
Fluffy ConfectionSpanish MAXI DRESS Gorgeous Bohemian Chic Stunning collection spring summer  2009 dress
Edwardian Style Vintage Lace Slip Dress by La Belle FairyPink Petals dress
{each photo links to its shop}

[see also my first post on wedding dresses under $500.]


  1. I love etsy. And I really like the idea behind your blog!

  2. Nice picks! I'm a fan of sarahseven too :)

  3. I love the idea of buying dressed that are handmade. You are helping a small business owner as well as purchasing a one of a kind dress.

  4. oh i really love the pink petals dress!

  5. the one with the black collar is my favorite!

  6. gorgeous... but i already have my dress =( lol

  7. Gorgeous dresses, I got mine from a vintage clothes fair. It was a coctail dress, stunning and so cheap £150!
    I make corsages and often get requests for weddings, makes the flower of the big day last that little bit longer. Great memories!

  8. So many of these show old-fashioned glamour. They're really lovely. Nice to see an updated take.


  9. I love this blog! The etsy finds you display are very creative..I love these homemade wedding dresses, especially the very bottom left. Great finds...


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