Tuesday, March 31, 2009

muntedkowhai: fantastic crochet jewelry

{ admiral on leave necklace with copper chain }

when one hears "hand-crocheted necklace," it does sound like a bit of summer camp craft, or "fuzzy afghan tea cozy" as tiffany put it. but muntedkowhai's crocheted lace confections, paired with asymmetrical vintage buttons and chains, or arranged symmetrically in hand-factured winglets... have never seen their like. original and compelling.

portland-based muntedkowhai is a research scientist by day who combines her globetrotting background (new zealand, malaysia, hong kong) into delightful off-kilter conversation pieces.

Finley Necklace (Sterling silver chain)Mornington Necklace (Sterling silver chain)
Jane Austen's I Do Necklace (Sterling Silver chain)Admiral on Leave Necklace (Copper chain)
Buxton Necklace (Gold plated chain)MORAY PLACE NECKLACE
SALE   Nyberg Necklace (brass chain)   Alder Earrings (Copper kidney wire)
more at muntedkowhai.etsy.com


  1. I love her work! Great feature.

  2. A very talented jewelry artist, to be sure.

  3. Yes! I love the use of lace and crochet in jewelry. I dabble in jewelry myself, and have been wanting to incorporate this type of look into some of my pieces. I'll definitely check out this store for some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This feature was totally great more post please and for sure all of your readers will liked it so much. More power!

    by: rhianne


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