Thursday, March 26, 2009

top ten etsy vintage wedding items: march 26

Smith Corona Coronet Automatic 10 Blue Electric Typewriter 3 Spring Vintage Clutches - Pastel Colors
White Romantic Mexican Natural Maxi Dress Vintage Excellent Condition Hippie Fairy chic Bohemian wedding dress1917 - A Thousand Ways To Please A Husband (with Bettina's Best Recipes)
Vintage industrial chalkboardVintage Off White Victorian Wedding Gown with Bustle
SALE - Seafoam Grecian Monroe dream gownclarice vintage metallic silver high heels with rhinestone bow
Art Deco 14K White Gold .40 Carat Diamond Solitaire RingNot A Commodore 64 Vintage Typerwriter
His or Hers Tuxedo Shirt WHITE with Blue TrimVintage Let Go Bowling Cuff Links
{each photo links to its shop}

yes. now am stuck on chalkboards and typewriters (please, someone buy that chalkboard before i do: i do not need a chalkboard. i do not need a chalkboard. i do not need a chalkboard. i... )

why typewriters? for a clever guest book, of course... i read it somewhere... any readers have a link to typewriter as guest book? i don't care if it's been done, i love it. that and polaroids. love.


  1. It's been done a number of places, I love the idea too!

  2. Vintage typewriters, awesome idea!

  3. Oooh, that's what I'm planning on doing for my guest book! I've got a 1956 turquoise typewriter ($15 on Craiglist!) and I'm going to put it out on a table and have guests type up their message to us on vintage postcards. (If I can get REALLY organized, I'm going to use postcards from the places they're from. But now that I think about it, that starts to sound slightly insane. Like I have nothing else to do in my life but search for very specific vintage postcards. So, uh, maybe not.)

    I'll send you pictures after it's done!

    (PS: I don't need another chalkboard either, but I'm considering it....)

  4. I have a post on my blog about using typewriters, including links to fixing one up to use-

  5. I adore the mexican wedding dress!! adore!!


  6. I love the idea of the vintage type writers - very cool. Make sure you have a new ribbon and enough paper for a few trial runs!

  7. I'm a big fan of vintage items and your finds are really perfect for those rustic or vintage themed weddings. Excellent ideas!

  8. we love your blog & we've added you to our favorites.

  9. Your vintage round ups are my absolute fav!

  10. I like the book about pleasing your husband.
    Where is the book for pleasing your wife?
    Trollop Girl: Tissley
    If you read us you so will want to get & stay married:)
    Single Girls Guide to dating 101

  11. Never thought about TypeWriters for wedding stationary before.. You give me the ideas...

  12. Love the silver shoes! They would be such a great touch to a wedding attire, by the bride or guests!
    I miss our old grey typewriter and I used to hit the keys as fast as I could to watch them get caught at the top and then I would let them go one by one...can't do that on a computer and my children won't have that little fun, like I did...hmmm

  13. You just have to love Etsy. They have everything I think!

  14. Now that vintage wedding dress is a hoot! It is definitely vintage. I love the vintage typewriter idea!

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