Friday, November 6, 2009

evies: handmade ring pillows

Chocolate and Lavender Ring Pillow
{ chocolate and lavender ring pillow }

as part of catching up, evie wrote (back in *august*, mind you) with these gorgeous ring pillows, which you may have seen featured on stylemepretty around then --

i think these are *wonderful* -- am wishing you all success, evie!

Silk Bloom Mini Ring Pillow Winter Romance Knit Ring Pillow
Modern Poppy Ring Pillow Pink Trellis Ring Pillow
Green Apple Ring Pillow Lola Ring Pillow
Woodland Floral Ring Pillow Purple Bloom Ring Pillow
for more, see


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  2. These are awesome- what are they stuffed with? Are they easy to make?

  3. These are beautiful! I've also had good luck on etsy with finding more non-traditional ring bearer "containers," like large shells and ceramic bowls (like at Paloma's Nest).

  4. These are all so gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration!

    @ Budget Wise Weddings
    I've never made one, but I've found a lot of advice online. Apparently, to can use any sort of synthetic or even natural stuffing to fill them. It's easy to find at craft stores like Michaels or even some places like Target. And they really only require a basic knowledge of sewing to put together. Try google-ing it, there's tons of info out there.

  5. Never really see these in weddings in the UK, they look lovely

    Marie Lloyd Photography


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