Tuesday, November 24, 2009

with love from abu dhabi

Everyday Greetings Collection (Arabic and English)
{ everyday greetings collection in arabic and english by natoof }

hello from the united arab emirates! of course there are etsy crafters here.

both of the above cards are true: miss you much. and you rock.
thank you for your patience while i take a much-needed vacation to see dear friends and regroup. can you believe it's almost december? i can't.

tomorrow, dubai. inshallah. this is the furthest i have ever been from home.
happy thanksgiving to my friends in the states!

Laptop Bag Arabic style Earrings in gold (EW57)
Goldfish Arabic Alphabet Poster Habibity (Darling in arabic) on heart necklace
Arabic chandelier Carpet Painting
Persian Dove (Sterling Silver, recycled), Peace Pendant Burj al Arab Paper Model
Boat SHOWER CURTAIN Dhow Arab Sailing Vessel Ship Sail Ocean Sea Transportation Wooden Memory Game- Arabic Numbers
Turquoise Arabic Inshallah Raw Art Letterpress Arabic Wedding Congratulation Card
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. I love the memory game! I suck at them, but they're so much fun. Thanks!

  2. Oh that laptop bag! it is so beautiful!

    And is the collection, alltogether. Very nice :)

  3. What a wonderful piece! I'm graduated in Sculpture, yet I never practiced. My works in metal and tapestry have a lot in

    common with these forms. Thanks for sharing, and congratulaions on your work!

    Seen you at Etsy, and by the way thank you for making me a fave. :)

    925 sterling silver

  4. The crafts are mind blowing man....It seems the mixture of both old and new cultures...
    Wedding invitations

  5. Very cool cards!! I like the flowers and colours on the first one.


  6. I love this collection and I miss seeing new Etsy Wedding posts! I'm waiting for the latest!

  7. Always an inspiration. Love the stationary at the top.


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