Saturday, March 19, 2011

readygo: handmade wedding cake toppers, flags + banners

Cake Topper Set - Custom Cake Banner No. 2 / Bride and/or Groom Cake Toppers
{ cake banner plus bride and/or groom set }

am not always a fan of the wedding topper, but these handmade cake banners and flags by Nadia of Ready Go are lovely and celebratory and fun, without being too too twee.

you get to customize your bride (even dress style) and groom (facial hair and kilt available) to reflect your particular pairing, and also your banner color. sweet!

she also makes matchbook calendar favors, gift tags, and all manner of lovely paper things.
plus she's etsy's featured artist this week -- check out the interview!

Cake Flag Collection - The Spring Party - Light Blue, Green and Tan - Ready to Ship DIY Printable Cupcake/Table/Place card Flags - custom colors
Cake Topper Set - Custom Cake Banner No. 1 / Bride and/or Groom Cake Toppers Sale 25% off - 10 Mini 2011 Calendar Matchbook Notebooks on yellow - custom party favors - Ready to Ship
10 Mini Matchbook Notebooks - Thank You so much on blue - party favors, gifts, gift tags - Ready to Ship Cake Flag Collection - The Easter  Party - Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Green and Tan - Ready to Ship
Die Cut To/From Gift Tags in white and orange - Ready to Ship Cake Banner No. 2 - Common Phrases
for more info see


  1. These are beautiful... And good to know she can cater for a hairy-faced Scotsman!! JUST what we need =) x

  2. My mom handmade our bunting cake topper and it came out great -- etsy was what inspired us!

  3. So I just found out that my brother is marrying his girlfriend from Iceland and we are going to throw a very hip wedding party for them. I am so excited to try out some of the things I have bookmarked from this site! Keep em coming!

  4. The cake topper really can tell a lot about who the couple is! Totally cute ideas!

  5. I blog my favorite finds too! Love your blog, I wish I had found it before my wedding!!

  6. Lovely, I've often felt that the hairy Scotsmen don't get enough exposure! I like the idea of hand-making simple cake toppers and so on, they really provide an opportunity for a creative couple to save some money. Check out more moneysaving wedding tips at

  7. Nadir has a real flair for her designs. They always look simple, but so stylish too. Well done!


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