Thursday, February 23, 2012

hello, hello

sparrownestscript Valentine Stationery with Handwritten Calligraphy . Hello Love . White Ink on Red . Set of 6 Flat Notecards
{ hello love handwritten calligraphy notecards by sparrownestscript }

well hello there.

Ceramic hello gift tags HELLO, SWEETIE  Dr. Who tea towel
Hello Postcards Set Of 5... Print On Eco Friendly Card LINOCUT PRINT - Hello.  Also I love you - turquoise blue letterpress valentine 8x10
Hello Beautiful - Pocket Mirror - Great for Valentine's Day, Bridesmaid Gift, Under 5 Gift, Party Favors Hello Handsome blank notecard
VALENTINE PENCILS (6) - Hello. Also I love you - black and gold GRAPHITE hex pencils w/ stamped craft pencil case hello, darling -- letterpress greeting card, cantaloupe/peach
Salut (French hello) Brooch HELLO is it tea you're looking for  Mug
SALE hello wood sign made from recycled wood Grey and White HAND STENCILED Striped Word Bubble Rolled Cuffs Hello Bonjour Tee
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. I pretty much need that Lionel Richie mug!! That genuinely cracked me up! Going STRAIGHT on the wedding gift list... =)


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