Thursday, March 1, 2012

spring [wedding blog] cleanse

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with the bizarre non-winter we've had, DC flora and fauna (people included) are confused. The trees in front of the Kennedy Center were blooming three weeks ago, and on a run on the 15th I saw dozens (dozens!) of robins. Dudes, you are not supposed to be here yet.


anyway, it's March! Time to clean up and get the old act together: a little face scrub, a little blog tending. And while some might say giving soap as a gift sends the wrong message (to your dirty, dirty friends), I'm in... favor.

oh, it has been a while.

Beauty sample pack - 9 products - anti aging, moisturizing, exfolliating, cleansing, toning Cleansing Facial Washcloths Yellow White Soft Cotton Scrubbies Set of 2, Choose Your Colors, Made to Order, Wedding Gift
nutritive cleanse, organic herbal cleansing tea Organic Cleansing Grains Peppermint Sage Facial scrub polish natural in a recycled glass jar VEGAN
SELECTION 50  wedding  soaps... beer ..lavender and marjoram soaps.. 20% OFF coupon code LOVEWEDDING . Manly Man Soap Set - Natural Soap - Handmade Soap - Unscented Soap - Mens Gift Set
{each photo links to its shop}

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