Thursday, July 12, 2007

weekly DBA: cammo huntin' garter

Deer Camouflage Wedding Garter Set on White
this week's david's bridal award: "deerhunter's dream" wedding garter set

oh, my friends. yes, i am originally from texas, and yes, i can shoot a gun, and yes, i have shot, killed and eaten wild things, not that i feel so great about it now. they were delicious at the time! moral high ground, not so much.

but... on your wedding day... sweet bambi, bounding across your thigh, caught in the moment of the chase just before you annihilate him into bloodspattered cammo oblivion? one to toss and a keepsake bonus? maybe heat-packing bridesmaids skeet shoot this one down...

weekly DBA, it has been a while.
(what's a DBA?)

1 comment:

  1. Noooooooo no no no. Say it ain't so. (but uh, I married into a Texas family - I know this is no joke...)


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