Saturday, July 28, 2007

weekly DBA: wedding coozies

this week's david's bridal award: bride and groom beer coozies

if you're going to drink beer from a can on your wedding day, and i have *nothing* against that, i must say, must there be maribou feathers involved? have you ever dealt with wet maribou feathers? don't answer in front of your betrothed.

how does one spell coozie, anyway? koozy? qoozi?

again, not speaking from the high ground -- one of my mom's wedding favors was bright neon-colored foam beer coozies that said 'changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes...'

neither of these things is nearly as bad an idea as the maribou feather
bridal shot glass. hmmm... don't remember anything after the macarena... and why the hell are these feathers in my teeth? pfffft.

(what's a DBA?)


  1. Oh, I'm tragified to see this.

    Ohhhhh. Oh the feathers.

  2. I used to work for an awful promotional products's koozie.


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