Tuesday, September 18, 2007

weekly DBA: TP cake

Mock Wedding Cake With Candle
this week's david's bridal award: toilet paper cake

ok, i know i've already mined this fertile ground with the bathtowel cake. but this one has something new -- six rolls of toilet paper, five cotton washcloths, four hand towels and, the coup de grace, a *sink plunger*.

what, what, is one to do with this? keep it? pass it among friends? or... heaven forfend... use it? what does it say about one when you use the nuptial decorations to literally, er, wipe up? and sitting atop the "plunger pedestal" is a decorative bride and groom candle... beauty and utility.

i knew marriage would involve plunging, but so soon?
TP cake, thou art the weekly DBA.
(what's a DBA?)


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