Sunday, September 16, 2007

primrosebride: ring pillows and garters

something blue: custom ring-bearer pillow with keepsake+toss silk charmeuse garter set

am blue, blue, blue tonight, friends, so here is something blue and lovely -- a gorgeously made set of garters and ring pillow, with a sachet to keep the keepsake garter on thoughtfully included. (i always wondered what people did with their garters, and this makes the most sense yet: throw 'em in the skivvie drawer and put 'em to work!)

you send primrosebride your color swatch and she will make these divine little sets to order -- she also can whip up veils, custom linens, and table runners. here's another:

silk charmeuse ring pillow with seafoam satin ribbons and czech glass button

because i'm personally headed for bitter spinsterhood, my one kvetch is that typographical errors abound in these listings, but when you have mad sewing skills many things are forgiven, no? my sweet boss is lysdexic, as he calls it -- am much less judgmental these days, a soft spot for the spelling-impaired. end kvetch.

regardless of my blueness: truly lovely work. based in seattle, more at


  1. those are just... beautiful. I love that first pillow. screw putting a ring on it- i want it for my living room!

  2. Amazing, amazing. You find the *best* things.

    Why so blue? I hope it's random.


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