Sunday, December 16, 2007

deliasthompson: inspiring custom silver

set of three customized sterling stackable rings

deliasthompson was a featured etsy seller a while back and i was so taken by her gorgeous and unique hammered rings and bracelets. each of the three sterling rings above can be stamped with up to 37 characters of a quote, poem, or what-have-you, and they can be stacked or worn as singles.

i love that the "meaning" of these rings is somewhat hidden when worn -- they would make a powerful, beautiful gift for the bride or her sister/lady-of-honor, or even inscribed with vows as an amazing non-traditional wedding band. seems especially appropriate for women who love words -- the literate bride, if you will ;)

two-sided custom inspirational sterling bangle

the bracelets can take longer quotes and poems, up to 120 characters for *each* side -- again, such a beautiful and personal gift. one of the best things about etsy -- the ability to connect with someone who can make a completely customized work of art, just for you.

if these aren't currently offered for sale in her shop just check the "sold" items to see more photos, or send her a note. the bracelets would be great to give each member of the bridal party -- they come in a standard 2.5" size but can be made larger or smaller as needed. also, check out the one specifically for a sister, with a lovely and moving poem by the artist.

based in atlanta, delia also makes some amazing filigree jewelry -- more below, or at

One of a Kind Sterling Silver and 18K DragonflyI Will Never Forget Who I Am Sliver Necklace
Sterling Sunrise Cascade Hoops Reserved for shalulaFiligree Drum ring in Sterling


  1. I love the drum ring...even the picture of the drum ring is awesome. I was thinking about buying it for my guy.

  2. I love those inscribed rings... what a great way to do it.

    My husband and I have a line of poetry in Italian engraved on the inside of our wedding bands. We met in Italy and went back to get married, so it meant a lot to us.


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