Sunday, December 16, 2007

more adventures of the unmarried

hello all -- apologies *again* for the long, unanticipated delay. had a jewelry sale last weekend in boston, and ran into an unexpected ex-boyfriend drama that for a time *greatly* changed my 100% amicable warm friendly feelings mentioned in an earlier post. silly men.

so i had a crazy week at work, took a little time, contemplated my options, and decided in a flash of what *may* be maturity or delusion: it's ultimately not that big a deal. it wasn't meant to be. everything happens for a reason and a purpose, no?

etsy wedding friends, all the more reason to celebrate when love *does* work out. life is complicated -- best to try and retain some grace and kindness in the face of strange events. it will sound crazy, but i wish them the best.

thanks for letting me get that off my chest -- back to the business at hand. :)


  1. Hey, we missed you! Hope everything gets back to normal for you....and it's good to hear you're upbeat about the whole thing.

  2. thanks, angel! true, i was feeling a bit guilty for leaving the umbrellas up for so long... thanks so much for your note!

  3. I'm so glad you're back! You're right... strange events pass; grace and kindness last.


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