Monday, July 14, 2008

destress: a sampler

Peppermint Massage Bar
{ peppermint massage bar }

i know, i know! it has been forever! bad blogger.

i have been running around like a crazy person. maybe you have too. maybe you're planning a wedding and are even crazier running around than i am. maybe i should shut my stresshole and stop my yammering.

you know what we need?

we need to RELAX. and for someone to give us a back massage and be nice to us and talk softly and say: listen. lie down for a minute. everything is going to be fine.

(of course, if anyone dared tell *me* to relax, i would probably pick them up by the neck, hold them against the wall, and the alien that lives in my chest would pop out and say: WHAT DO YOU MEAN RELAX?? I'M NOT THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!!! ... ahem.)

oooooh-kay. here's what i want right now, as i sit at my desk in my office at 9pm and wrangle html code for a store that is unfortunately live:

Organic Moss Martini Eye PillowChamomile Sea Salt Soak
O M - Sterling Silver Chain with Fine Silver Handmade Om Disc Pendant for Yoga LoversSALE on our Sea Mineral Bath Salts BULK packaged Sweet P. Scent by Sweet Petula
Perfectly Plush Heat Relaxer   Pink   No More Stress8 Eye Pillows Wholesale with Amy Butler Fabric
Relaxation - Vanilla Lavender Soy Glass Pillar Candlevacation day -- 5x5 modern digital illustration
Pink Sugar Bath Salt SoakBaby Infant Aromatherapy Massage Oil
STRESS RELIEF Trio  Extreme Bubbles Bubble Bath with Aloe   Creamy Rich Shea Butter soap and Eco friendly Soy candle  Scrabble Tile Pendant - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON (Aqua on White) - Buy 2 Pendants Get 1 FREE
CALM DOWN Natural Aromatherapy Synergy, Stress Relief Essential Oils to Relax Body and Mind, 5mlHammered Silver Links with Mystic Topaz and Breathe Charm
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. Reading this post made me hanker for a bubble bath. Great finds! :)

  2. Thank you for the super-relaxing photos!!!! Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    p.s. I love the breath charm!

  3. hahaha... shut your stresshole. hilarious.

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