Monday, July 7, 2008

whichgoose: crowning glories

{ persephone crown }

included whichgoose in a sampler some while back, but her amazing crowns are so faerie cool -- to me, shakespearian somehow -- i can't resist. and i want to write her and tell her they are too reasonably priced. only $50 for a custom crown! am thinking of getting one just for work, on those days when people sass me i can go in my office, close my door, put on my crown, and email off-with-their-heads.

just for you custom crownevery bird a nest
fluttergrace - reincarnated wedding dress
beige lace dresslilith
more at


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!

    (And you would be funny to work with.)

  2. I absolutely love her products. I'm not even into the big, unique crowns, but within 24 hours had created a more subdued comb... perfect and unique!


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