Monday, July 28, 2008

on hotness...

i know, i know. bad blogger. i have a good excuse! my 17-year-old sister arrived on thursday and we painted the town as red as it's possible to paint a town with an underage sibling. especially one your dad would *kill* you if you messed up. (dad, i don't know *where* that tattoo came from, i swear.)

a tale from this weekend. we're out having dinner last night with my new boyfriend (!!) after we all went kayaking together. just sitting and chatting. talk turns, as it sometimes will, to the relative hotness of celebrities.
me: people from texas are hot.

she: matthew mcconaughey is definitely hot.

me: i don't even like blondes. he's eye candy.

bf: [helpfully] he's a surfer.

me+she: *hot!*

she: not a good actor, though. so dumb!

me: such a brick. but so hot. he should just remain silent. just walk around not saying a word.

she: *shirtless.*
thus, our new male celebrity campaign: Silent and Shirtless. ah, wisdom, from the mouths of babes.

she left for texas at the crack of dawn, so i will post a little random sampler in her honor, then get back on track with the color palettes.


  1. I liked him in Contact... and I wouldn't say he has to be silent, he does have a nice southern drawl that isn't redneck.... but I COMPLETELY agree with the shirtless mandate.
    For more good eye candy.. P.S. I love you. Not a great movie, adn can be very sad... but SOOOOOO worth the shirtless Irish boys!!

  2. Yes, half of Matthew's charm is in the accent.

    However, most celebrities would be better off not saying much. The allure can be ruined by talking.

  3. 1) New boyfriend !!!!

    2) My husband is from Texas. Excellent.

    3) I have a not-very-secret crush on John Krasinski. I don't know where he's from, but he's even cooler when he's *not* silent. Swoon....


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