Monday, August 4, 2008

adornandcherish: gorgeous reworked jewels

Wire wrapped gold hoop earrings with labodorite briolettes
{ wire-wrapped gold hoop earrings with labradorite brioletttes }

oh, i have found me a new favorite shop.
friends, behold! my checklist of awesomeness:
  • simple yet eclectic? check.
  • reworked and recycled? check.
  • vintage and modern? check.
  • custom jewelry rehab? check.
  • based in boston? wicked pissah check!
i *heart* this store, with its one-of-a-kind heirloom goodness. if there's one thing i'm obsessed with, it's the idea of character -- that jewels passed down from your mothers and grandmothers, even the estate and vintage finds worn by strangers, have meaning and history and soul. at the very least they prevent someone from digging up and processing new metal and rocks. i believe passionately in creative reuse, and this seller is doing amazing work.

she has beautiful rediscovered finds ready to go, or you can send adorn+cherish old gemstones, metals, and jewelry, and she will craft something new and perfect just for you. two thumbs up. 5 stars. wine spectator rating: 100. a 10 in beijing.

Gold eternity circles w/ vintage pearls and lemon quartz stonesSterling Silver and White Topaz Stacking Ring
Large Bakelite amber oval earringsSterling silver circles with chalcedony briolettes
Reworked vintage floral cameo gold lucite bangleRetro reworked lucite links on sterling wires
Reworked peridot and charm drop earringsReworked 18K White Gold and Diamond Stacking Bands
Custom Reworked Diamond Stacking BandsLarge triple carnelian and turquoise necklace
Gold circle eternity pendant w/ vintage pearls and lemon quartz stoneVintage coral, iolite and sterling silver dangle earrings
Chunky agate necklace with wood and stoneGold and lemon quartz drop earring
more at
see also the blog!

{update 6.aug.08: who knew! they got rid of the perfect 10 in gymnastics this olympics!}


  1. Brilliant! I love that asymmetrical ring with the flower...

  2. I meant bangle! Bangle, not ring!

    (Not enough sleep and not enough coffee...)

    I love it all.

  3. i love those earrings... so cute, and probably something my mom can make. ! Awesome ideas!

  4. Some lovely handmade wedding tiaras are here on this new site-
    Also available on Etsy.
    Check it out and let me know what you think.


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