Friday, August 22, 2008

boringsidney: fabulous, fabulous hats

{ jolee }

i open etsy, and what do i see right on the front page but this gorgeous, gorgeous over-the-top magnificent thing. i *love* it.

belle of seattle-based boringsidney apprenticed under a master milliner in the theater and hand blocks and hand sews her hats using vintage equipment. read her profile for more delicious backstory, and see her shop for amazing, delightful hats.

[i can't believe someone can *make* these by hand. i love etsy!]

Dorothy ParkerPaulette
Ping and JingPretty as a Peacock
Simply SmashingDeliciously Deco
Rosalind RussellDorcas Wensell the Second
more at


  1. Love them! Would be great for bridesmaids to coordinate with their dresses for a winter wedding!

  2. omg. i need an outrageous, elegant, exquisite hat for my wedding!

  3. I say it all the time to FI, but I *so* wish that people still wore hats everyday! They're all so beautiful!

  4. Fabulous display of fashion and individualism! My personal fav would have to be the peacock feathers, because they remind of Carrie from Sex & The City.


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