Monday, August 25, 2008

colleenbaran: unique silver goods

{ the love inside no. 5 ring, made to order }

canadian multidisciplinary artist colleen baran makes clever silver things. see the ring above, which has space in it for a piece of mylar that you can write little sweet stories on. or the ring below that you can write love notes and coil them up in. she "often uses language and stories as an element and loves pieces that can be customised or adjusted by the wearer...."

these would make unusual bridal jewelry (felt on sterling?), or gifts for your bridal party. pretty, simple, and unusual.

Floating Saucer Ring 1- Made to OrderBubble Lace Pendant 4 - ( 2.8 cm x 2.6 cm)- Ready to Ship
Small Felt Series Earrings in a Deep Turquoise- Made to OrderThe Love Inside No 1- Made to order in your size
Framework Series Ring Number 23- Made to order in your sizeAmoeba Studs- Made to Order
Bubble Series Hoop Earrings - Made To OrderFelt Series Ring, Larger Dome in Grass Green, Size 5 and a half- Ready to Ship
Felt Series Ring 1Framework Series Earrings- Made to order
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  1. Great article on jewellery. There are some cool wedding jewellery sites listed here:

  2. These are definitely unique and different but a great idea. It's nice to get away from the traditional stuff.

  3. These are so beautiful and different. Just gorgeous!

  4. Love it all! Just ordered a lovely little pair of earrings! :)

  5. I love how different these are!

    The Virtual Bridesmaid

  6. Thanks for the lovely feature- and all the sweet comments.


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