Thursday, September 18, 2008

head case sampler: pretty things for pretty noggins

Silk and Fishnet Flower Hair Pin
{ silk and fishnet flower hair pin by cassiopia }

yes! in honor of my week, which is turning me into... you guessed it... a head case.

(at least i've managed to resist posting etsy's freaking ridiculously cute baby stuff. a WHOLE other blog, friends)

(did i mention i have a nephew?)

ahem. head case. yes.

veils are one of those things that you go shopping for and think -- they want $200? for this piece of net? couldn't i sew this? -- which, if you're like me, you can't, and you know in your heart that if you dare try you will end up with franken-veil. and still have to spend $200 at the end of the day.

also, bridal veils in stores just seem so plain compared to the ones on etsy. you can find gorgeous, straight-up traditional veils (for *very* reasonable prices, i might add), wild fascinators and feathers, as well as my own favorite, the birdcage (first encountered here) -- something for everyone.

Muscari Ivory Ruffles Feather Flower with Real Leafy GreensBasic Birdcage Blusher Veil
alice2 Tier Scalloped Petal Edge IVORY Wedding Bridal Veil Fingertip length flowing European Plain Cut Edge
White Birdcage Veil Bridal lace veil, white, shoulder length
Mantilla - Fingertip Length Veil - White or IvoryCream Ostrich Feather Fascinator Hat with Veil Victorian
Bridal Hair Ornament with Vintage Millinery Leaves and French NettingThe Magnificent Seven Butterflies Veil
Beautiful Blusher Birdcage VeilHand Beaded Clusters Wedding Hair Clip with Swarovski Crystals and Pearls
The Ashley VeilFloral Fascinator - Cream
CUSTOM ORDER information- Ostrich feather sprayCREAMY POPPY Headband with Beige and Dark Green Silk Flowers and Vintage Rhinestone Centerpiece
CUSTOM handmade Wedding VeilsCage-Cap Flapper Style Birdcage Veil with Satin Flower
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. I think the bird-cage veils make for the best photos!

  2. Love the blog! I like how you organize your etsy finds :)

  3. So many beautiful options! How do we even begin to choose???

  4. I so wish you would have done this post about 2 weeks earlier. I am almost having buyers remorse these pieces are so beautiful!

  5. Though I do not personally like the bird-cage veils I have to agree with uberbrides, they do make for awesome photos.

  6. Those are so lovely. I'm totally loving the birdcage veils!

  7. gorgeous! i love myra of twigs and honey! :) she made a piece for me to wear to the reception!


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