Tuesday, September 23, 2008

posting, posting: quick life catchup

oh blog friends, i realize the massive slowdown in posting is affecting not *only* my traffic and my mission for you to spend at least some of your wedding dollars on independent designers, but also both your *and* my ability to procrastinate effectively and while away happy hours. so i thought i'd at least give you some excuses idea as to why i am such a blog slacker.

"on why jennifer isn't posting as often as anyone would like, including herself"
by jennifer

1. i am so, so *happy*. i met someone and he is great. and last month, due to a host of funny and sweet circumstances, he moved in. (yes, that is the sound of hell icing up.) i have never lived with anyone before, and it's just amazing to me. i love it! now i come home each evening and there's a person in my house, and i *like* him, and he likes me. so we tend to talk and cook and laugh and clean up (were there ever two people who went through more dishes?). and then i fall asleep, and i haven't blogged.

2. work: the magazine is undergoing a major redesign -- we just shipped the november issue, and i have been working for what feels like decades keeping up with all the near-catastrophes and averting disaster. and then i leave work, and i haven't blogged.

there are other reasons (lots!) -- family, jewelry orders, friend's wedding -- but i won't bore you with details. if only i were just a blogger! like most of you i work full time, run a side business on etsy, travel frequently, and have too many things i love to do. this is one of them! my community service to etsy artists and a labor of love. i promise to try and keep up with it all better!

but please forgive me, because i am falling asleep, and i haven't (really) blogged... ;)


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  2. hooray on the move in! happy you're happy...

  3. Congrats on the happiness you are experience... I think we can all be patient while you get to enjoy life! There is a search function on etsy you know! As much as we have all gotten spoiled we can still use it!

  4. I love the blog and I get such great etsy finds for you. I am over the moon ecstatic about your new beau and this next phase you are taking in your life. I moved in with my now fiance (WOW it feels so great to write that!) back in April, and I know how exciting, wonderful, new, strange (in a good way). Congrats to you and I am anxious to see how it progresses ......

  5. It makes me so very, very happy to hear this. So happy.

    Yay you! Blogging happens in between bits of life, and that's ok.


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