Thursday, September 25, 2008

xoelle: upcycled and eco-friendly ties

paisley bow tie- freestyle and blue
{ paisley bow tie -- freestyle and blue }

xoelle (get it? kiss-hug-elle?) (ok, i didn't at first either, but i like it!) makes *great* ties by reusing and repurposing vintage neckties and fabrics into new ones.

plus she's in pensacola, which is very close to where my sister lives, and i am totally nephew-obsessed this week. gaga for nephew. nephew-o-rama.

back to the ties! check these out:
freestyle bow tie- red and yellowdorky brown bow tie- freestyle
freestyle bow tie- bright geometricPatriotic stiped bow tie- freestyle
creamy white polka dot bow tie- freestylebrown stripey freestyle bow tie
taupe sheen bow tie- freestylebow tie- freestyle red and black
red, yellow, and gray striped bow tiedreamy baby quilt
ok, ok. so that last one is an adorable baby blanket. what can i say. nephewpalooza.
more at!


  1. xoelle is a pretty cool chick! She made me a sailor skirt from real u.s. navy uniform pants.

  2. xoelle's ties are awesome! we got one for our friend who is going to officiate our wedding. great patterns that you can't find in stores.

  3. these are great!
    thanks for the link!

  4. HI...great great blog....i was wondering if you had any ideas on how to / where to get my little items "out there" ... so they are exposed to the wedding peeps. i have some lovely things that make great favors, the wedding toss, etc.... thanks for any ideas you may have. i would be THRILLED to be added to your blog if possible.



  5. These are so funky-fun! Lovin' it!

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