Wednesday, April 15, 2009

accountants need love too sampler

Tax Man Novelty Pincushion...   item 304Death and Taxes - Folded Greeting Card
Mini Journal - MonopolyValue Your Time More than Your Money (print)
Wooden Bank Safe from Vintage Brass Post Office Door 276 with Unique CombinationNUMBER CRUNCHER - Antique Typewriter Key Bracelet
The JUMBO Personalized Piggy Bankmy dad is an accountant (set of 3)
All Accounted ForBlue and White Pod Small Frame Coin Purse
{each photo links to its shop}

it has been a whole week, and all you got for waiting was this lousy tax sampler.

(i should make t-shirts!)

sigh. another tax day come and gone -- for my U.S. readers, hope yours was painless.

it has been a busy week! i have a backlog of posts waiting to go so please stay tuned.

while i'm at it -- as if you didn't have enough coming at you, just stumbled into daily candy's wedding section. this is likely old news, as i don't read many wedding blogs, but just in case you're feeling masochistic like you need a zillion more temptations, there it is. some good local stuff!

in my week off i sadly missed the boat on belcanto's first shop birthday, so go check out marni's gorgeous things regardless, and happy birthday!

finally, if you don't get etsy finds emails, monday's was a lovely collection of eco-friendly etsy wedding items...

more as i catch up with email and posts -- thank you as always for your patience and for reading :)

p.s. the handymen are coming tomorrow to fix my ruined ceiling. hooray!


  1. Love the pigs! So cute!!!

    Kim - Lilly Wedding . Baby . Party

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  3. That was so much fun! The pigs are adorable ... I've shown these to an accountent friend.


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