Saturday, April 4, 2009

june rose sampler

Genova. Gorgeous peach rose bud with heart shaped antiqued brass locket and angel wing and leaves necklace
{ genova rose, locket, and angel wing necklace by japonica }

april 4 is a special day to me -- several friends' birthdays, but also a day to remember my grandmother.

was doing fine until i clicked on the "to my grandmother on my wedding day" card below -- beautiful, letterpress, completely innocent -- and it landed such a punch, even after 12 years, how much i wish she were around every day.

are you doing anything to remember someone who can't be at your wedding day?

EmmaGordon Georgia pink/ruby clutchaliciabock june clouds in an october sky- original signed fine art photograph
rachelled Junemodernjune Chalk Cloth Centerpiece- Charger-Placemat
paintbox June Hope, Original Larger Landscape Painting on Papertallulahcards Grandmother
laralewis Le Jardin - June Roses White roses bobby pins
wiredvintage Vintage carved rose button earringsStrawberry Rose Teacup Candle
Design Your Own Custom Tutu - NO limit on colors - 8 inch length - FREE coordinating bow and flower hair clip - SALElarge glass cocktail shaker with sealable top
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. we are going to display photos of our grandparents and our parents on their wedding days... my grandmothers just look so glamorous in the old black and white photos. i love your blog by the way, it's just lovely. such wonderful treasures.

  2. We had a candle lit by the altar that represented all of our loved ones that had passed.

    I love that necklace above!

  3. aww. so lovely. thanks iheartkiwi and B!!

  4. I just adore the candle in the cup of tea! it's amazing and so are all the other ideas..

  5. The chalk coth piece is great!

    Kim @ Lilly Wedding


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