Thursday, October 29, 2009

11 reasons you should keep reading etsy wedding

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i know, i know. i never call, i never write.
was in NYC last weekend briefly on a music adventure to CMJ, am planning a trip to dubai/UAE, doing some behind-the-scenes research for this blog... no excuses!

my readers, i need to get on a posting schedule. i have roughly 11 things on deck, some of them for months, some of them i'm embarrassed to admit to because i've left blog friends hanging.

looking in my drafts folder, they are:
  1. bridal-party gifts for women under $20, to follow up men's gifts under $20
  2. silver earrings post requested in august by meg of a practical wedding, who is already married and no longer needs it...
  3. bridesmaid dresses you *might* actually like
  4. eco-housewares worth registering for
  5. real etsy wedding: dorie
  6. call for entries: seeking 20 motivated etsy wedding vendors for the wedding show, jan 15-17, toronto, see
  7. a really really great giveaway with a prize (a really good one!) that i have needed to post since *june*. 
  8. a post on the wonderful twin oaks bed+breakfast, where we stayed in natchez on our road trip in september, and proprietor regina charboneau's amazing food writing (and recipes!)
  9. polls: what do you want to see more of? budget features? top 10 vintage? individual seller features? also: if people offer me non-etsy products to review, would you like me to accept them in order to pass them on to you as freebies?
  10. for hannah at the daily etsian, an interview she gave me weeeeeks ago....
  11. plus a really good story i've been holding out on.
i hope that by listing them here it shows that i do think about you far more often than it shows the last few months. plus it's the first step toward finishing a few of them, for the love. i also purchased (months ago!) a domain name for the site:, but have yet to revamp the template and reorganize the resources now that they've grown. i need an assistant. perhaps an intern... (don't we all!)

being at fort point open studios and working with other artists reminded me why i do this: to connect couples with amazing craftspeople and artisans, and to give exemplary indie design a wider audience. i've been neglecting that job of late, and plan to be more mindful of your good faith in reading.

for all waiting to hear back by email, i am catching up slowly.
i thank you all for your patience and for reading!


  1. perfect reasons :-D I can find even 10 more ;-)
    great as ever

  2. Hi! Just keep on keeping on - I love whatever you do. Oh, and on the idea of "Real Etsy Weddings", love it!
    We're having an Etsy wedding (engagement ring, wedding bands, dress, centerpieces and favors, invite supplies, etc) so I think there's a lot to be mined there. Just think, you could have people posting their wedding stuff for you (kind of like the offbeat bride model, check it out!). Best of luck, Sarah

  3. I agree with Sarsha... just keep on keeping on. You've got a great eye and sense of style. Please keep sharing your finds with us. I'm still in the early phases of wedding planning, and EACH and EVERY post helps tremendously. Giveaways and discounts are great, too, of course! Thanks so much!

  4. Dear god, please post the bridal-party gifts ideas!! I totally need it!!

  5. I've started recommending this site to my fellow brides and would love it if you posted more! I love everything you do!

  6. Can't wait to see more, Jen! =) These all sound like an awesome start to the next chapter of this blog.

  7. All your ideas are 100% worth the wait, I much rather wait for the truly unique crafts and wares than what is found on other wedding blogs. Keep doing your thing, we are all very appreciative.

  8. Great post, I like your blog very much =]

  9. I'm very excited to read about the wedding party gifts under $20! This category of budget wedding planning always drains my creative juices- especially for the guys. I usually suggest nice candles, a personalized martini/wine glass, tote bag, or a cosmetic bag for girls and a personalized beer mug/flask, golf balls, or wallet clip for guys. I'm looking forward to some outside-of-the-box suggestions!

  10. I enjoy reading! Would love to see more giveaway's featured! :)

  11. thanks, everyone, so much for the kind words!

    sarah, i'd love to feature your etsy wedding or have you write a guest post about how you found things. you know, in the copious spare time you have while planning a major event. regardless thank you for the encouragement!

    thanks to you all for reading, always.


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