Tuesday, October 6, 2009

noaki: vintage + art deco wedding jewelry

Golden feather bracelet
{ golden feather bracelet }
from the mailbag: LA-based noaki's delightful work breathes new life into one-of-a-kind or limited edition vintage and art deco pieces. they have an airiness and lightness to them that's hard to pin down: the same pieces could see a summer beach wedding or a glittering winter affair. then of course there's the eco-friendliness of repurposing and rehabilitating old gems and metals. east coast meets west coast... these are fresh modern takes on classic designs.

Golden flower earrings Dewdrop long necklace
Gold Byzantine hair comb Sparkling bow bracelet
Sparkling shell necklace Coral rose earrings
Gold bouquet bracelet Rhinestone ribbon drops
for more info see noaki.etsy.com


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  3. These pieces are great. I love the vintage retro style and the scale makes them really rock. Nice!


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