Friday, October 9, 2009

sea glass jewelry for your wedding day

{ photo by christina friedrichsen, }

[as a special friday treat, please welcome today's guest host christina friedrichsen of, the go-to website for anyone planning a small wedding. not only a wedding expert, she's here to talk about sea glass, a fascinating subject i knew *nothing* about. etsy has a whole world of sea glass jewelry and supplies i'd barely even registered -- thank you so much, christina!]
Sea glass is my latest obsession. Not only is it a hot collectible—it makes gorgeous wedding jewelry.

Just in case you have no idea what sea glass is, it’s glass—mainly from bottles, but also from tableware, pottery and other glassware—found in lakes and oceans that has been smoothed by the sand and tumbling action of the waves.

A well-frosted piece of sea glass will have tossed and turned in the waves for several years. In fact, most of the good pieces have been in the water for several decades—and some rare pieces are more than 100 years old. Black sea glass can date back to the 1700s!

Some people call sea glass jewels of the sea, or mermaid’s tears. And some serious collectors travel the earth for rare pieces to add to their collections. Serious collectors will rappel off cliffs, scuba dive and kayak to very remote locations to find the most precious of sea jewels. As for me, I just scour the shoreline.

There are online groups devoted to sea glass ( and and even sea glass festivals (The North American Sea Glass festival in Erie, PA will be held in October.)

One excellent resource is Richard Lamotte’s Pure Sea Glass. In sea glass circles, this book is often referred to as the ‘bible’ for sea glass collectors.

Sea glass makes gorgeous wedding jewelry. Everything from bezel cup pendants, to wire wrapped earrings. It’s even used to make flip flops for beach brides.

White is the most common colour of sea glass. Despite its prevalence, I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a perfect piece of frosted white. And it goes so well with a wedding gown!

Sea glass jewelry is also a lovely gift for your bridesmaids. You can choose any colour of the rainbow and a simple pendant can cost less than $20.

I’ve handpicked some sea glass jewelry from Etsy. And if you are interested in learning more about sea glass, please check out, my new blog on sea glass collecting.

FORREST FERN Genuine Sea Glass Earrings by Lake Erie Beach Glass Lebg Eco-Friendly Genuine Sea Glass Jewelry - Pendant - Sprite Green Sterling Silver Zen
Pure Beach Glass Cufflinks Genuine Sea Glass - Beachcombed Cobalt Blue Sterling Silver Bezel Bracelet
Drop of Sunshine  Yellow Sea Glass Necklace Lucky Charms - Cobalt Blue Sea Glass and Vintage Pottery Charm Bracelet
Ocean waves sea glass bezel set sea glass necklace Silver Heart Filigree Sea Glass  Locket
{each photo links to its shop}
please also check out christina's Intimate Weddings Blog for heaps of fresh ideas on planning an intimate wedding – and don’t forget to check out the Intimate Weddings Venue Finder for unique, intimate wedding venues. more on sea glass at -- happy friday, everyone!


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