Saturday, March 27, 2010

etsy vintage: clutches + purses for the bride

Silver 50's Lana Turner Clutch Evening Bag 1960's Golden Blossom Clutch
1930s Vintage Retro Clutch Hollywood Red Carpet Purse Evening Bling OOAK Vintage Sparkling Silver Clutch Purse Formal-Wedding-Prom
vintage Grandee White Beaded Purse with Embroidered Flowers Vintage 1940s Queen Elizabeth CLUTCH
vintage 1940s BRILLIANTINE metallic opera bag Vintage Beaded Lace Purse
Vintage Letisse Leather Clutch SPRING SALE Glossy White Vinyl Easter Clutch
Red Sonja Vintage Clutch Beaded  Vintage 1960s WhiteEvening Frame Bag
c1920 beaded clutch with rhinestone detail Cute For Spring... Macrame and Bamboo Handbag
Chevron Clutch in Almond 1940s  Embroidered Flowers and Birds Clutch
Vintage Cigarette Powder Lipstick Case Evening Pizazz vintage BEADED clutch
{each photo links to its shop}

voila! vintage wedding purses! as requested by reader "better than naked" in a comment.

(i pondered this username for a while this evening. does it mean, better than naked as in "it could be worse, you could be naked?" or [i prefer] something so great it's even *better* than naked? intriguing.)

(and yes, i'm supposed to be doing my taxes. denial, river in egypt, etc.)

1 comment:

  1. yes, as in "what could be better than naked?" my opinion, vintage and handmade. =)


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