Sunday, March 21, 2010

first wedding steps

The Original Decision Maker - SOLID SILVER heirloom NECKLACE by adorapop
{ the original decision maker necklace by adorapop }

omg. you guys.

i just made a wedding decision.

i know after my initial post i have *completely* dropped the subject that i have indeed crossed over. (there's a long post on that subject in the wings...). it's a long story, and it has nothing and everything to do with actually wanting to be married vs. the logistics of the thing.

(i feel the same way about babies. the starting procedure: good times! yes please. and *being* a mom is cool, once you've had the kid. it's the logistics, the exit strategy, that's the kicker.) (you want me to push what? out of where?)

tangent, sorry. so my sweet friend B and i had brunch this morning, and a great conversation, and i was just relaxed and happy enough to have a great idea. it's a crazy idea, impractical like all the best ones are, but it is awesome. my mom is going to keel over {{blogger rubs hands with glee}}. if i pull this off i promise a photo.

i know what i want! on one thing at least. my first wedding decision. forgive me, i know there are many more, am just so delighted.

so all of you: if my posting things on here has made it more difficult to make your decisions, i sincerely apologize. it's all so pretty. endless choices. but if you came on here and found your dress, or your invites, or something you love, i hope it has made it easier to connect what your big idea is with reality.



  1. Umm... Yay! Congrats to you!

    I have been reading this blog since before my wedding two years ago. Thank you for all the wonderful options. This site made my wedding something really special and personal not the cookie cutter mess that people fall into.

    I totally understand the baby aspect. I took a natural birth class with a girlfriend thinking the more I was educated on birth the better I would feel about it.
    I was wrong. I love what I learned but the baby growing and birthing is still too scary.

  2. wait though, what is the decision that you made?

  3. Congrats! I love your blog; it has been tremendously helpful in my wedding planning so far. Keep it up, woman! And good for you for making that decision whatever it may be! xoxo.

  4. Best of LUCK!! and don't worry this will be your one else's...smiles.

  5. thanks so much, seriously. when i was posting this i felt a little dumb, i mean... whoopee! the blog girl made a decision! [welcome to our world... 999,999 more to go...]

    you're kind to a giddy first-timer. :)

    @plantress, i haven't told my mom yet, so bear with me, but i promise to tell whether i pull it off or not. what i can say is it's something old *and* something blue.


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