Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what is up, strapless dresses?

Merengue corset dress Wentworth Street Gown 
Helene wedding dress Rambling Rose Wedding Dress
Red Poppy evening gown Autumn Blossom Couture Dress in Gray
Strapless Draped Taffeta Wedding Gown with Floral Detail Eco Wedding Dress, Tiered Hemp and Silk - Callie 
{each photo links to its shop} 

so pretty. why must you be my nemeses?

here's a classic post from perennially amazing a practical wedding on dress shopping: where did all the sleeves go?

(see also my well-documented strapless-dress issues.)

i use this to introduce the next giveaway: the perfect solution! stay tuned, announcing tomorrow afternoon.


  1. That is what I am wondering too.... I am out looking for dresses and I want some sort of sleeves and it is terribly hard to find. I think small breasts does not fit the strapless....

  2. Oh my gosh I am so glad I am not the only one who has been wondering this! I'm getting married in June, and it took me FOREVER to find a dress, because everything was strapless (I wanted a cap sleeve) and I really don't care for those. In the end, I purchased a dress with spaghetti straps and I am wearing a beautiful bolero shrug I bought on Etsy over that. Thanks for the post! :)

  3. You are too funny! (Just read your strapless dress issues post) These are beautiful, if impractical!

  4. i've had the same problem. finding a wedding dress with sleeves is reallllly hard! the few that i have found or have seen other brides wearing look so much better than all that strapless crap littering bridal porn everywhere.

  5. i'm telling you all, one wrong step and i'm half-naked. i had this dream *several* times before my sister's wedding.

    i did learn that cutlets plus strapless bra = chest anchors (see life lesson #2) -- not even the al-qaeda torture slip would stay up...

    thank you all so much for reading, and good luck finding straps + sleeves (or a good shrug!)

  6. It's been this way for the last 12-15 years - the strapless trend started small and now has taken over the world. And not everyone can wear it (myself included).

  7. I have noticed too that almost all wedding dresses are strapless.That came as a complete shock to me as I had not been looking at bridal magazines or online(I didn't even have a computer till last year).

    It has even got me thinking about making wedding dresses(though I've thought of this before).I'm making some practice dresses,and I know of a good seamstress I may hire if I decide to go into the dress making business,but I don't know yet if it's something I'm going to do.It takes a lot of practice,skill,hard work and plenty of time to properly make a wedding dress.

    So in the meantime,I have started a blog,where whenever I find non-strapless dresses,and other neat wedding items,I post them there.I've only started on it,but you're welcome to take a look.

  8. I refused to even try on strapless wedding dresses. I was hoping for cap sleeves, but found a beautiful gown with straps, so I'm happy.

  9. I really like the strapless dresses, but completely agree that they're not for all body types.

  10. I have hearted almost all of those! How funny!


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