Friday, April 9, 2010

please excuse. birthday fuss underway.

40mm Pink Heart Resin Cabochons - 5 pc set 40 Party Poms.. Free 2 day shipping.. choose your colors
Double Stack White Tickets 3 in. x 2 in. Wood Mini Notepad (40 Reasons Why I Love You)

{each photo links to its store}

forgive the absence, all -- today was a Milestone-Birthday-That-Must-Not-Be-Named for an important person who must not be identified. that i may or may not be marrying. it's all very hush hush. tomorrow we're embarking on a mystery weekend that i have been preparing for a month. WAY more fun than planning a wedding.

i will return with giveaway news monday. for anyone thinking of breaking into our apartment, a) we haven't gotten any gifts yet and b) the rottweilers are VERY ANGRY we'll be gone. all seven of them.



  1. My mans birthday is today! And we made it an all around art week! hope it will be the one you marry. These Aries are fab!

  2. I hope your rottweilers can cope without you ;) Cute poms in this post.

  3. My hubby's B day is this month and putting a sign in the driveway with his age on it was NOT a good idea last year. Enjoy!

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