Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bonzie bridal giveaway results! and more

Ivory Pierrot Bridal Wrap Tea Length Tiered Tulle Skirt
Victorian Inspired Silk Bolero with Corsage Trio Ethereal Light Baroque Wrap IVORY
{ all from }

dear patient readers, i have good news for one and all!

the good news for one, as chosen by jessica, all lower-case, who uses martha stewart weddings for planning, with the wedding date 7/31/10, the ethereal bridal wrap is yours. please get in touch, etsywedding@gmail, and i will connect you with our lovely irish friends.

the good news for all who entered the contest and are in love with bonzie's wraps: a spectacular deal! for everyone who left a comment on the giveaway, bonzie will give you free shipping (from ireland) (!!!) on the gorgeous shrug/bolero/wrap you want most.

to get this discount, send them a note (click on "contact seller") subject "I LOVE ETSYWEDDING BLOG" (bonzie's suggestion, i swear) and include the item you want to purchase, and they will adjust the listing and reserve just for you.


please join me in thanking bonzie and ger for this amazing giveaway. i am seriously considering one of these myself. and i *encourage* you to go to their store, check out their blog, flickr, youtube, twitter... truly amazing work.

next giveaway: this friday!

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