Monday, April 19, 2010

to have and to... please hold...

Hold Onto Each Other - Audrey Hepburn Quote TO HAVE AND TO HOLD ring bearer bowl (TM) with tiny text - wedding or commitment ceremony dish - THE Original Modern Heirloom from Paloma's Nest 
5 TOTE PARTY PACK/to Have and to Hold to have and to hold
To Have and to Hold / Wedding or Engagement Card (Yellow and White) Friends Holding Heart -Handing Kirigami Mandala
HOLD heart. It's not who you are that holds you back...
{each photo links to its shop}

apologies for my disappearance. {please hold while i connect your blog} --

i have been (in order):
magazine shipping
not sleeping
more magazine shipping

i have a good number of emails to get back to, thank you for your patience! and the bonzie winner to announce, i know!

more soon.

in the meantime, enjoy this poetry feature i've been working on every day this month:
Stanley Kunitz, "King of the River"
(see also the lovely introduction by David Barber)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my yellow "To Have and to Hold" card. The link takes you to a sold card, but here's the new link for the card. Enjoy! -Kami / Lost Bridge Designs

  2. What a great post and I love Kami's "To Have and to Hold" card. I'm a new etsy-wedster and this was a great post to start with, thanks!


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