Sunday, May 16, 2010

so happy together

Happy Vintage Champagne/Martini Goblet - Set of Two
{ set of two "happy" vintage champagne glasses by annietwobraids }

sorry for the lag in posting,  i've been happily:
  • shipping a magazine
  • buying (and returning) (and reordering) a wedding dress (!)
  • entertaining an dear friend in town for the weekend
  • carboloading
  • running the capitol hill classic 10k (!!)
and... we booked a venue and have a date. america! F*#! yeah!

blogging will be slow this week due to day job, but i promise to post the custom watercolor map giveaway results.

thanks for reading!


  1. I love these vintage champagne glasses. It's one of the first details I like to suggest for a vintage wedding...even if the couple can't wrangle up these for everyone, just two for the bride and groom would be perfect.

    And congratulations on finding a venue! That's always the keystone for the wedding planning as far as I'm concerned. Make sure you ask if there is any construction scheduled for that day so there are no surprises!

  2. thanks so much, angel, that's a great tip! it definitely feels real now. a little *too* real, as the rich drama that is my family may now commence its madness. ;)

  3. I love it when I see references to Team America. And those glasses are amazing. Congrats on the date/venue... that's always the biggest decision!


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