Thursday, May 6, 2010

lady gaga gets etsy wed

Spectacular Dazzling Grand Entrance.  smashing pearly angel jewel beaded cream and silver ball gown Gorgeous and striking black and white headpiece/hat
Leopard Disco Ball Bra Lady Gaga inspired gold and lace sunglasses. 
The COUGAR in u..... Le Couture Bridal Hat 
Lady Catherine Golden Ash 
Rock-A-Blockas Studded Bustier Gold Steampunk Fashion Circus Ringmaster Romantic Boudoir Cabaret Burlesque Pinup Strapless Backless Black Basque Boned Cinch Corset xs Rock Star Avant Garde Luxe Embellished Stud Metal Armor Studs Fashionista xxs Trophy One of a Kind 
Lightning Strikes Twice Earrings Good Morning Jacket 
GIANT Futuristic Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Ring - fierce style huge kitsch camp Black stretch D ring and Velvet Laced Corset thumbhole Gloves
Genuine Black Leather and Gold Spikes Cuff Bracelet Spring has Sprung
{each photo links to its shop}

i saw the dress on the top left in vintage and thought:
*gaga* would wear this.

voila: a little inspiration.


  1. I want to own that first dress. It is beyond fabulous!

  2. Hey who says a bride can't rock it like Lady Gaga? She definitely can with these inspired items! I love the top left dress! Its amazing and perfect for a bride.

    Thank you for sharing this,


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