Friday, October 8, 2010

sneak preview: unusually fine photos

a little friday treat: our photographers posted a preview with some of our gorgeous people.

i have much MUCH more to say on the subject. for now: max + margaret of unusually fine photography are amazing.
more to come.



  1. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Congratulations and glad to see the site up and running again. I contacted the designer of the wedding maps with no response. If you are/she is still offering the map, I would really love to get started on it with her! Please let me know as soon as possible! You should have my email. Thanks!! Tiffany

  3. I love the pinstripe gray suit and Fedora on the gentleman, it's very becoming!

  4. Waw! those pictures are awesome! I want to see more!! Congrats :)

  5. thanks you guys! we're over-the-moon in love with our photos, it's a little embarrassing. *have you seen them?* {yes jen.} do you want to see them again? {...}

    plus: tiffany! i've got it covered. emailing now!

    thanks to you all for being so patient while i went and got married.

  6. HI. Just wanted to say that your pictures are wonderful! Congratulations. Im gonna have a look about your blog if you don't mind :)


    Suzanne @ CakeinaBox

  7. Photographs are really amazing..I want to see more pics in next post..


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