Friday, October 15, 2010

welcome back etsy wedding giveaway! gorgeous white gold band from hawaii's seababe jewelry

seababe etsy Skinny 14k Palladium White Gold Ring, size 2-8
{ skinny 14k palladium white gold ring }

amazing, amazing rings from the north shore of oahu: david and kristin of seababe jewelry wrote *much* earlier this year offering this generous giveaway (um, free wedding band!!) and have been endlessly patient as i've deferred their post from, erm, june to july to now.

it all works out bacause i can't think of a better way to kick off a new, married-with-hopefully-more-perspective etsy wedding blog than with this wonderful gift. it's all my favorite things:

1. simple, beautiful, and modern
2. eco-friendly (100% recycled metal)
3. handmade with love by
4. wonderful people living the life they love by
5. making things

plus did i mention it comes from hawaii? i want to be in hawaii. RIGHT NOW. {{folds arms, wiggles nose}}

so!! to enter a random drawing for this lovely, please tell me in the comments: where are you going for your honeymoon? (or would you go?) what blogs, tools, or sites have you found helpful in choosing a destination, especially any *last-minute* ideas?

(lord, will i ever get away from that phrase? there was literally not one element of our wedding that you could not prefix with the term "last-minute." but hey.)

please enter by next friday, oct. 22, and include your wedding date if you have one.
(also, if you have suggestions/resources but already have a ring, feel free to just weigh in on honeymoons for the rest of us.)

david and kristin have a wonderful story of how they came to make jewelry in paradise -- see both their shops, for david's work, and for kristin's new line. (both are below!) the wedding sets and multiples for bridal parties are perfect for people looking for something simple, durable, and incredibly affordable. i heart seababe.

Genuine Leather Adjustable Double Strand Knotted Bracelet The White Gold Wedding Ring, Hand forged 18k White Gold 4mm Band, size 8.25-10
The Perfect Rings, 22k Yellow Gold His and Hers Wedding Ring Set Set of Five Infinity Rings for Your Bridesmaids
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise faceted mini rondelle layered necklace The Big Men's Ring, 14K White Gold Hand Forged Men's Band, 5mm size 10.25-12
The Classic Wedding Ring Set, 18k yellow gold wedding bands Gorgeous Green Amethyst Gemstone Hoop Earrings, gold filled
18K Palladium White Gold Hand Forged Medium 3mm Band, Hammered Texture, size 6.25-9 US Genuine Leather Adjustable Double Strand Knotted Bracelet
more at and


  1. My weddig date is 12.31.10 - New Years Eve!

    We are headed to Cabo for our honeymoon & just used advice from friends and relatives for good places to stay!

  2. We're getting married hopefully sometime next August, and we have no idea where we'll go on the honeymoon yet. Thinking about Thailand, or French Polynesia...I just started planning so I'm looking forward to more Etsy Wedding posts. I've also been reading lots of other wedding blogs to get ideas.

  3. Wedding date is EXACTLY one year from today:

    10/15/11 !!! :) :) :)

    We are MOST LIKELY heading to Key West. We looooove Key West (I've been 3 times in the last 3 years) and we're going to do all the things we haven't done on the previous trips... stay in posh expensive hotel, go to the Dry Tortugas, jet ski in the ocean, perhaps scuba, snorkel our faces off, sunset sailing cruises, etc. OMG.

  4. Ooh! These are gorgeous and I want in!

    Wedding date: 4/3/11
    Honeymoon: Guatemala!!!

    Places for travel research: lonely planet forums, jetsetter (luxury travel discounts - we found our "splurge" hotel there for the honeymoon), American Express (weird, but good travel resources),, any of the trip deiscount sites have last minute deals (hotwire, orbitz, travelocity, etc)

    Also fun: going to a bookstore one afternoon and just leafing through the travel guide section together for ideas.

  5. Hi!
    I'm getting married May 29, 2011. Our honeymoon would probably be the second week of June. We haven't formally decided where to honeymoon yet... I want someplace kinda of warm, but at least "exotic" and "new"/exciting/fun! Though it doesn't have to be on a beach, i'd be happy with at least a pool. I mentioned Scotland to future-hubs (who wants someplace "not warm") and he really likes that idea as he's been there before. But I dont know how much I want to see only grass and castles and museums on my honeymoon! So, right now I'm pushing for Greece. Italy would be nice too.
    We just think of places we want to go. Most wedding sites aren't very helpful because they only stick with popular beachy places like the Caribbean and we're thinking more European. Although I have to admit I've entered a bunch of contests at the Knot for honeymoons. If its free I'll go anywhere.

  6. WOW! What a graet giveaway!!!

    My amazing fiance and I are getting married on November 19, 2011. I won't know where we will be having our honeymoon because it will be a surpise. My better half is plannig EVERYTHING for the honeymoon, so I won't know where we are going, staying, for how long, etc. until we are on our way.

  7. LOVE the rings, they are so gorgeous. We're going to Japan, and my favorite feed is weddingbee!

  8. For folks with not as many dollars to spend I would recommend seeing a National Park. We went to the Tetons and Yellowstone and rented a little cabin. It was amazing! I love that wedding band! I don't have a wedding band of my own. Can I enter too? We were married on Sept 5th.

  9. We're hoping to go for PAX 2011 - fingers crossed.

    Our dream honeymoon would be in the Galapagos, but as neither of us knows Spanish (I went there when I was 16 and regretted this) we'll probably take some awesome cooking classes.

  10. I wouldn't go. I'd absolutely forbid anyone to come by, if they came I wouldn't answer the door, the phone or my email.

    If I had to go, camping in Yosemite. Which has its own website. They also have a few hotels in the Valley, if you aren't a camper:)

  11. I haven't been married, for um.... a very long time now. (it was a long time ago)

    IF I were to get married again (I'd be surprised), I'd love to go to Japan for the honeymoon. (poor hubby might feel left out of Otaku girl gushing over everything.)

  12. Paris!!! We both want to visit. I know it's trite, but classic!

    April 19th is our date :)

  13. We're getting married July 24 next year. We're hoping to honeymoon in France, and possibly adding Italy and/or Spain into the mix. We're aiming for a trip that includes relaxation, sightseeing, lots of great food, and perhaps a few days of rock climbing.

    We're planning using guidebooks, Lonely Planet online forums, and of course lots of advice from friends and family.

    Seababe's rings are really gorgeous. I've been looking at their Etsy shop for a while now, admiring and planning... :) I would love to win a ring!

  14. You should definitely use Jetsetter and get a steal of a hotel. I saw an AMAZING hotel in Aspen for <$250/night. For us snowbunnies, there isn't a finer place for a honeymoon. :)

  15. We took a cruise on the Disney cruise line for our honeymoon. Hope to go again for our 10 year anniversary.

  16. such beautiful work

    ive always wanted to elope to las vegas, perhaps a morning beach wedding?

  17. If I were to marry again I would go to the Maldives!! Absolutely beautiful! I like to check out Lonely Planet (dot) com for inspiration on destinations!

    norlopeterson (at)
    sorry no google account!

  18. I absolutely love this ring! It's beautiful and your work is amazing. I also love that it's eco friendly.

    I was married 5 years ago and we went on a Royal Caribbean cruise. For us it was the perfect honeymoon. We splurged and got a balcony room and it was well worth the extra $$. The deck was a bit of a party place so we loved going out onto our balcony and just reading when we wanted some down time. It was also cool to visit all of the different places. Loved it!

  19. I'm already married (can I still enter?), but never got a wedding band. Sometimes I want to take off my big diamond and slip on something more casual. Love that it is recycled too!

    We were married in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I found the most useful tool was googling images. Then from there I found wonderful blogs!

  20. We are getting handfasted in Maine sometime next year.

    No idea of the honeymoon plans but he keeps mentioning St. Thomas.

    LOVE the offbeat bride for unconventional wedding ideas.

  21. We are going to Miami! We're getting married November 20. My finace did most of the honeymoon stuff, he just looked for spots on
    Pretty rings!

  22. Hi! We are going to Argentina for our honeymoon. Our wedding is November 12th. We used online resources like and to do travel research.


  23. We haven't officially decided where we are going yet, but we have our sights on Turks and Caicos.. specifically TC Villas there. We are getting married on July 9, 2011 and I have set up twitter lists and feeds of all my favorite wedding blogs for inspiration. These rings our beautiful and I troll Etsy all the time for inspiration!

  24. We are getting married on April 30, 2011.

    So far, we have narrowed our honeymoon to 2 places:
    1. Tahiti
    2. Fiji
    We are still trying to figure it out. Trip Advisor is a great resource!

  25. My fiance Alex and I are getting married on December 11th of this year (12.11.10).

    We are going to New Orleans for our honeymoon- we are so excited to see all of the Christmas lights and do lots of holiday shopping for our friends and family!

    I have used Etsy quite a bit for our wedding, including the favors, bridesmaids gifts, ceremony and reception decor, and more! Your blog has been a great source of information and inspiration! Thank you!

  26. Well, we already had a wedding but are still without rings. We eloped. We didn't have a honeymoon, but figure eventually when we do a vow renewal for us and our families we will have a honeymoon.

    I'd love to have gone to Palisade, Co. It's wine country, and they have the most awesome little bed-and-breakfast places there. A couple hours outside of town is Ouray, known for hot springs and neat little businesses in historical buildings. There are countless restaurants and places to visit.

    One of my favorite sites for wedding stuff would be the Offbeat Bride. It has all sorts of resources for not-so-traditional weddings and all of that.

    Maybe eventually a vow renewal will give us a good honeymoon :)

  27. We are going to the French Riveria next summer for our honeymoon!
    I have just started researching places to stay and I have loved looking through It is so well laid out and has a lot of information to help with decision making!

  28. We sadly don't get to go on a honeymoon, since my fiance is active duty military & he won't be able to take the time off. So maybe in a year or two we'll take a late one. ;) Our wedding is June 12, and I've been hitting up etsy (of course!) and - lots of good ideas over there.

  29. We're getting married june 11, 2011.
    We're hopefully going to sayulita mexico. I found the town through martha stewart weddings, and then found the hotel by looking at travel sites and the reviews on them.

    I actually have this etsy saved as a potential wedding band place, so getting this would be pretty sweet!

  30. My fiance and I are getting married in March. Our honeymoon will be in Hawaii! :)

  31. I'm not engaged (yet), but if we end up that way (which I think will be the case) we've already decided to travel somewhere awesome (either Iceland or Peru) and get elope on top of a mountain. So that's kinda the honeymoon right there :)

  32. We are getting married on 7-3-11 and the plan is to honeymoon in a log cabin in Wisconsin.

  33. Our wedding is 4.16.11 (exactly 6 months from today!). We would love to go somewhere in the Pacific NW for our honeymoon, or to Napa Valley and the Redwood Forest :)

  34. Headed back to the beaches of Cape Cod for a combo wedding/honeymoon next summer, scheduled to coincide with the Perseid meteor shower! Probably the most helpful destination resource for us has been the VRBO site (vacation rentals by owner). I found a cozy house in the dunes that has a roof deck -- she is going to love it!

    Anyway, thank you so much for bringing seababejewelry to our attention. We had seen your earlier post from 2009 and knew immediately that our search for the perfect set of simple rings was over. And if we win, we'll only have to buy one!


  35. Me and the fiance are getting MARRIED (still excited about that even after 15 months of engagement already:) on Sept. 8th, 2011!!!
    We're honeymooning in SPAIN!:)
    I've really utilized Trip Advisor. SO great to hear other people's opinions about the places we'll go and be staying.
    I hope you decide on somewhere amazing to spend those days alone:)
    PS. I have no band yet, neither does the fiance. These are perfect!:)

  36. To be honest: Hawaii!! Ive just always fantasized about it, and have seen so many beautiful pictures that just make me think of the Garden of Eden!

    for last minute flight/hotel deals: :)

  37. Thank you for the beautiful ring giveaway! We would love to go to the Big Island of Hawaii and ride the whole way around the island on our bikes. This is our dream vacation! Our wedding is June 25, 2011. is our favorite site for travel deals! =)

  38. We are planning a wedding for August 12, 2011, and it's coming so soon! We both really want recycled rings, and we love seababe's stuff, so this would be perfect! Honeymoon plans are still in discussions, but it's down to a scotch tour in Scotland or the Azores. Though Bora Bora isn't quite out yet. I use Kayak for all kinds of travel plans involving airfare, and get alerts on the prices of various routes.

  39. My fiance and I will married June 5, 2011 (which is the anniversary date of BOTH sets of parents). We are planning a road trip for our honeymoon (driving from Pennsylvania to Washington and taking in the scenery from Washington to California). It's always been a goal of ours to visit all 50 states, so we figure we'll do part of it honeymoon style. We LOVE It's a nifty website that shows neat things to do in each state pinned on a map. You can plan a route, and then check the site for nearby attractions. Although we can't DRIVE to Hawaii, it would be neat to wear a ring from such a beautiful state as we visit the rest of them.

  40. We're getting married on Saturday (!) and our honeymoon all depends on what money is left! I took a lot of days off of work so maybe a road trip?

    We bought cheap rings for the ceremony and looked at Seababe rings but you know how it is...the money just wasn't there.

    Anyway, welcome back!

  41. We're getting hitched on 06.04.11 and the hubby is in charge of the honeymoon - we're looking at a mix of beach and adventure, but the spontaneous part of us could just pack for that weather and check the "last minute" travel-site deals a couple days after the wedding!

  42. JAPAN!
    No date.

    This giveaway is only for brides-to-be? But everyone's a birde-to-be. :)

  43. Aloha Everyone! Thank you so much for visiting our shop and commenting here on Etsy Wedding. We wish we could give you all a ring. Best wishes to those with upcoming weddings! (you need not be a bride to enter) Thank you so much for your kind words and for featuring us, Jen.

    Aloha and Mahalo,
    Kristin and David

  44. We didn't have a honeymoon, but 10 years later when we finally had a year when neither of us were students, we went to Maui & called that our honeymoon. & we are returning for the 4th time just 3 weeks from now!

    Love seababe's jewellery - good luck to everyone!

    Cindy from

  45. I'm not getting married and don't have a boyfriend, but I totally love little bands like this one.

    If I ever go on a honeymoon, I would like to go to Russia. I have always been fascinated by Russia and Russian culture and it will take a good man to be down with that destination. ;)

  46. I don't have a wedding date yet but I hope to go on a honey moon to Tuscany!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  47. Well, there's no wedding date for me yet, but I'd love to go on an adventure type honeymoon in Mongolia. I'm not too into the whole hotel and spa thing! Haven't used any resources yet, but will most likely be talking to traveling family and friends.

    monkeychild92 at gmail dot com

  48. Wedding date: April 30, 2011
    We're headed to South America!
    We've mostly been getting advice from friends :)

    oohmybento [at]gmail[dot]com

  49. Our wedding was a simple affair and since we couldn't afford proper wedding rings, we have sterling silver bands. I would love the real deal!

    We were married on 20th May this year but are having our wedding celebration for friends and family in Australia on the 6th November.

    Can't wait!

    kathrynchown at gmail dot com

  50. I would love to go to Italy, I always have :) I just casually browsed online about it but I already know my destination :)

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  51. We got married in Las Vegas in a private ceremony with close family and friends, we had a mini honeymoon in Vegas, and we definetly used the internet to plan our stay. We will be taking a more official honeymoon next year when it works better with our work schedules, we are thinking somewhere in Europe or Asia.

    I digress, this is a lovely giveaway. I would love to win it.

  52. beautiful ring... I would love to add that to my finger, simple elegant and would match my own solitaire beautifully. My husband and I got married in Denmark in a civil ceremony, no family and one witness whom I am pretty sure did not speak english. We have talked for years now of having a ceremony that we can share with our family.

  53. We're getting married sometime next to be determined once he chooses a grad school. We'll be going to Galena, IL.

  54. I would go to Bali, Indonesia! Beautiful place:) and I love this ring!

  55. I would go to Iceland, no dobut about that. I still don't have a ring, so I'd love to win ^^
    Websites: (cheap alternatives for offbeat brides)


  56. Wow! It is mind blowing. I have never thought that this kind of wedding jewellery can also be exists. I really appreciate your effort. Its concept is best. Batemans Bay restaurants

  57. My honeymoon advice: remember to pack essentials in a carryon! Sometimes your honeymoon can take an unexpected turn when your luggage is lost...

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. This is my kind of ring.

    Three marriages..first honeymoon was to Disneyland. Second to Lake Tahoe. Third to work. See a trend here?

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  59. I am already married, but I would love to win this ring. The hubs and I are wearing a set given to us my a friends mother and father, who had many sets of rings. (They sold jewelry, so they'd just trade them out when they found something new.) Ours are too big and have tape around them to fit!

    Our wedding was totally last minute. We got married on 37$. 30$ for the cert. and 7$ for the drinks afterwards. helped with diy outfits and hair stuff, but we wed in the spring, in a park, so nature took care of the decorations! A free concert followed for the reception. Sadly.. we have yet to go on a honeymoon. Someday though! I think I'd like to save up and buy one of those travel packages to an island somewhere!

    mommytrenches at gmail dot com

  60. We're working on setting a date - calling vendors, etc. but looking at a year from now.
    We're planning on traveling out West; going to the Grand Canyon and National Parks in the fours corners area. We've never been to the desert and have been reading Lonely Planet website and the Thorn Tree discussion board.
    The jewelry is beautiful and such a great story! Thanks for running a great site! :)

  61. hurray!!! with limited time to take off (and a limited budget!), we've decided to honeymoon in a place where the journey there will be as delightful as the destination. flying somewhere was straight out, and we didn't want to spend our first hours of marital bliss in a car... so we are taking a ferry! casco bay lines will take us and our bikes from portland, maine where we're having our reception to peaks island off the coast. with beach, bike trails, and a cozy inn there, we couldn't be more excited. thanks for the generous give-away!

  62. I've been married for almost 5 years and still no honeymoon...:(. I would love to go on a cruise. I went on one with one of my kids and my husband about a year ago. They are amazing. Nothing to worry about. Great for a honeymoon. We would do that if we could. Right now I'm 7 months pregnant, so we wouldn't have much fun... I would love to win this ring as a 5 year anniversary present though. Our anniversary is 1/7!

    Heidijaneblankets at comcast dot net

  63. We would love to go on a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon. :)

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    samyrocks92 at msn dot com

  64. Ohhh I am sooo happy I found this blog! I absolutely LOVE David and Kristin's jewelry! I had not seen their shops before but am so happy that I have now, their work is just so beautiful! I've made both of the shops favorites so I can return for my Christmas shopping - I've already picked out a few things - including some for myself haha!

    My boyfriend and I are just planning our engagement - he's basically just saving up for the ring - although hes pretty much already asked me and I'm wearing a stand by ring at the moment. We met in high school however didn't start dating until a few years after. We've been dating and living together for a little over 2 years now including time that he served in Afghanistan in the Navy- so happy to have him home now!

    We are hoping to have the wedding around the end of the summer next year. As far as a honeymoon that of course will depend on our financial situation but I know we'd love to take a cruise someone tropical - we've both never been on one so it would be amazing and we're crossing our fingers!

    Etsy has been a HUGE help in finding ideas for the wedding. I can't begin to count the hours I've spent exploring all the amazing wedding items. I've also found the Knot very helpful as well as a lot of time on Martha Stewart's website looking for lots of "do it yourself" ideas.

    Thanks so very much for this chance to win! I'm crossing my fingers very tight! It would be a huge help to be able to win such a beautiful ring!

    Thanks again!

    P.S. I did not see anywhere to become a follower of your blog but I've bookmarked it into my wedding folder and will be checking back! Can't wait to see what you come out with next!

  65. Fiji, hopefully for the honeymoon. Wedding is July 2!

  66. We are hopefully headed to Costa Rica! We're looking for a mix of fun (zip lining and horseback riding!) and relaxation. September 25!

  67. Hopefully Tahiti. Hopefully not the Poconos.

    Our wedding is 9/24/2010

  68. I was married 1.27.07 in Ft Lauderdale, FL. We live on beautiful beaches & get to hop down to the Bahamas when rates are cheap, so we opted for a winter honeymoon - Park City, Utah. It was incredible! Instead of renting a hotel room, consider renting a house or condo on We got a better deal, the owner gave us a ton of gifts since she knew it was our honeymoon, we didn't have to eat out every meal since we had a kitchen & just had so many more ammenities (living room, fireplace, private deck with private hot tub, washing machine/dryer, etc.). Renting a home was definitely the way to go for us!

  69. We just got married on 07.24.10, but we got place holder rings (titanium) until we could afford something nicer.

    We didn't have a honeymoon because my hubby didn't have vacation time yet, but I'd love to go to Europe or New Zealand!

  70. I 'm already married but we couldn't afford a honeymoon. I would go to straight to Ireland and then Scotland and tour all the amazing castles! :D

  71. We were married on May 29, 2010 and we went to Turks & Caicos for our honeymoon. I'm always looking for bands to stack with my engagment ring and wedding band!

    I found inspiration EVERYWHERE when i was planning: here, etsy, weddingbee, stylemepretty, ruffled... I was a DIY bride so anytime I saw something I could make myself, I was all over it!

  72. I'm not married yet, but my bf & I have been together for 7+years and have def talked about marriage. We want to go to Hawaii or Europe...yes we talked about the honeymoon too LoL

    Love the Seababes!

  73. our wedding date is 8/5/11. we are going to europe for our honeymoon (late 2011 or early 2012)... we havent really started planning it yet, though. i am actually in hawaii right now visiting my family. yay!

  74. We're getting married on 9/3/11... We are thinking of Barcelona and somewhere in Italy for a honeymoon. We've been looking at lonely planet and fodors for ideas and then just orbitz and the like to see about hotels. However, we haven't gotten very far with the honeymoon planning yet - too many other things to do first!

  75. My fiancé josh and i are getting married 11/5/11 (my mother said we should have set the date as 11/11/11 lol) and right now a honey moon is just a dream we hope we can afford at the end of all this! if we could go anywhere i think our first choice would have to be Jamaica, but again its so soon i haven't been able to think about a honeymoon yet. but this site and have been very helpful in everything else wedding related :)

  76. ms(d0t)verymarried(at)gmail(dot)com

    we went to Vegas - it wasn't the conventional honeymoon but it was what we could afford and we loved it!

  77. We have been married for almost 8 years and have not yet taken a honeymoon. If we ever get to it will probably be to Australia!

  78. Our big day is in three weeks and I desperately need this perfect band! We haven't decided on a honeymoon yet because I'm in grad school right now and we can't go on one. A belated one to Hawaii would be great though!

  79. Our wedding is 10.15.2011 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! Because we are having a destination wedding we will be staying there for our honeymoon as well. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible so we are looking into green resorts in area as well as trying to be as green and paperless as possible for our wedding. I have found so much inspiration through the multiple wedding blogs out there, but as far as honeymoons go I look at travel photography for inspiration and then research the locations online through various travel websites. My one honeymoon must do is to visit the ancient mayan ruins!

  80. These rings are amazing! I love them! Our wedding date is 9.10.11 and we'll be celebrating in my home state of Vermont. For our honeymoon, we are planning to travel to New Zealand as we have both always wanted to visit there. A friend of ours gave us a NZ travel guide for our engagement and we've been bookmarking places to visit ever since. Can't wait for our big day & our travels to New Zealand!

  81. we took a local honeymoon. stayed home and enjoyed everything out town has to offer. but we would LOVE to go to paris. :)

  82. my fiance and I want to be different and we are going to south korea. not that cheap flight wise, but way cheaper than hong kong and tokyo!

  83. My Fiance and I are lucky enough to be planning an intimate wedding in Florida for next september 14th 2011 so after our family have returned back home we will stay on and are planning to travel down from Orlando to the keys doing the east coast route and coming back up the west coast to Tampa. It should be amazing, absolutely cant wait, almost as much as i cant wait to marry my man, my best friend, awwww xx

  84. We want to go to Bali.

  85. We haven't set a date yet, but we're looking at sometime late in May of 2012. We'd like to do a mini-tour of Europe with stops in London, Paris, and Rome.


  86. What beautiful jewelry and such a romantic story!

    Our wedding date is November 11th, 2011 and we are to wed in Sedona Arizona a magical place! Since we live in Colorado - traveling to Sedona will be a sort of honeymoon for us....

    Since we can't afford to travel for a honeymoon this upcoming year we intend on visiting Italy for our 5 year anniversary and calling it our honeymoon. We will visit the most amazing place I have ever seen called Damanhur - an ecosociety and temple - you can read all about it here.....

  87. My boyfriend and I have have talked about marriage but have not set the date yet.

    Oh, we want to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon!

    curtneysison AT

  88. We are celebrating our 8th year anniversary this December 28 and are planning to renew our marriage vows!
    If our schedules will permit, we'll head off to Hongkong for a getaway!


  89. Wedding date: June 11, 2011

    Honeymoon: Cruise up the East Coast

    We haven't really utilized many websites for resources beyond the cruiselines' sites. The mister spent a summer on a boat off the coast of Maine, and I have never been to the Northeast, so we chose this as our destination.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter :)

  90. I'd choose Italy, it's so romantic and beautiful.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  91. We're in the honeymoon planning stages, but our dream is to drive cross-country! The Blue Ridge Mountains, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon! There's so much to see here! Rand McNally will be our best friend, and I'm trowling blogs for cross-country posts. And, Design*Sponge has amazing city guides!

  92. happy saturday, and thanks so much to everyone for your stories, comments and suggestions! will post the results monday oct 25.

  93. I'm not married, or anywhere close to being so, however, I'd love to go to a little vineyard in Italy for my honeymoon!

    alionandalamb at aol dot com

  94. I love love love this eclectic wedding jewelry. JIC says lace like jewelry and darkened metals are very in. Also eco friendly jewelry is huge right now!

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. These rings are gorgeous! I'm looking for something just like this... incredibly simple, but still special. For our honeymoon, we're deciding between two very different trips. the first is a visit to costa rica, which seems like a great balance between relaxation and adventure. the second is a two week tour of the US! I'm leaning towards the 2nd because the possibilities are endless and we'll be able to do a little bit of everything. (although probably not that relaxing)

  97. Our wedding is 7-16-11, an outdoor wedding with dancing outside if the weather holds out. We are still working on our honeymoon. If we had the money, we'd be heading to Italy, but we are college kids. So, now we are thinking a road trip out west to yellow stone or take advantage of the cheaper cruise prices. The latter would be very relaxing, and the former would be an adventure.


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