Friday, April 18, 2008

gaiaconceptions: organic hand-dyed dresses

{ organic wedding dress in local organic cotton }

another fabulous find courtesy of angel brave of andrea of gaiaconceptions designs, sews, and (!) *hand-dyes* her beautiful, supersoft-looking dresses made of organic cotton, cotton/hemp blends, and raw silk using low-impact or plant-based dyes. so not only are these lovely dresses *super* eco-friendly, they're also entirely custom-made based on your exact measurements, body type, and color choices.

the best part? they look sooo ridiculously comfortable, you're practically guaranteed bridesmaid rewear. the colors include a range of soft earthtones as well as lovely jewel-tone blues, wines, and reds -- if your dream (like my friend ali!) is getting married barefoot with flowers in your hair, it doesn't get much better than this.

(check out andrea's featured seller interview as well -- she's good people!!)

thanks so much, angel -- more at
The Bella Dress (local organic cotton)The Tie Strap Dress (local organic cotton)
The Babydoll Dress (Hemp and Organic Cotton)The Fountain Tunic (hemp and organic cotton blend)
The Aladdin Dress/Skirt (Raw Silk)Love me 2 times Dress/Skirt (local Organic Cotton)
The Butterfly Shirt (local organic cotton)The LOLA Dress...Shirt...Skirt....Cape..(local Organic Cotton)


  1. i've had gaiaconceptions on my etsy faves for some time now -- i love the flow of her pieces as well as the purely organic design...

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  3. I am SOOO GOING to go check out her shop!

    Forget about the bridesmaids...(just kidding) I'M going shopping!



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