Wednesday, April 23, 2008

kristinemays: letters and numbers

the letter F
{ the letter F }

here's a fine idea (courtesy of etsy's front page, thank you very much!) for a great little accent. kristinemays 4x6" handmade wire sculptures could be your initial by the cake, or used in a set as table numbers, or could spell out a word or two -- or might be a fun gift! they do just fine outside (and if left out permanently will patina nicely over time).

one of the best details (i think!) is that they're made of the same wire used to mend fences. sweet. (a little fence-mending wire would have come in handy at my family's events! as in: "sit there and be nice to each other, or i will wire you all to your chairs." mercifully they all did fine without. :)

she also does larger sculptures as well (check out the shoes and the dresses on her blog), or you may have seen her work if you're from the SF bay area... neat!

lovethe letter C
joynumber two
number 3the letter A
more at

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  1. I love these letters. I especially like the way "joy" is made but I wouder how it would be hung at a wedding. I checked out the sellers shop and the price wasn't bad either. It might be nice to get a quantity discount.


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