Tuesday, April 8, 2008

luxedeluxe: vintage modern jewelry

{ rosalynn }

delving into my favorites -- have i really not mentioned luxedeluxe? one of my first etsy crushes: lush vintage modern jewels from edinburgh. adrienne has added a bridal collection of simple sets and pared-down necklaces, but for my two pence i love the colors and textures of her 'non-bridal' work -- the asymmetry and the girly elegance of it all. in fact, i feel myself beginning to succumb.... it's only paypal, right? oh luxedeluxe. why must you be so darling?

Lovely NautilusSugar Blossoms
Glitzy Sparrow LocketSeafoam Rose
AstridTurquoise Blossom
Sophia (coral)Hidden Pearl Set
much, *much* more at luxedeluxe.etsy.com

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE vintage Modern Jewelry!!! although I don’t change my necklaces or earrings very frequently, I wear one of her brackets continuously and love it with my whole heart!


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