Wednesday, April 9, 2008

layercakefilms: super 8mm weddings

{ super 8mm wedding film packages }

i *loved* loved loved this idea when i first saw it online, and now it's on etsy (and ergo blog fodder!!) -- hooray!

this is the best. thing. ever: super 8mm film wedding videos. if you're not familiar with super 8, it's a vintage technology -- see for in-depth info, but the skinny is these are silent, retro-awesome, short, two- to four-minute videos of your wedding set to whatever song you want, dead kennedys, celine dion, your pick.

why no audio? you ask. you can have audio synched up if you like, but sound super 8mm film is no longer made. why so short? that's how long each roll of film is, so you get lots of little moments stitched together -- and according to layercakefilms, "most wedding videos are too long and involved, thereby REPLACING your memories..." -- really, if you're anything like me, once you see the amazing montage of their work you will be constitutionally unable to sit through a regular wedding video.

there are three cinematography packages available on etsy that include someone to shoot the video and an edited dvd, as well as a rent-and-film-your-own option that they will edit for you -- or just contact michelle and she will come up with something fabulous.

more info at and

{update! 10.april -- so i thought, omg! ...i wonder if ariel at has seen this amazing sick montage video with all these awesome offbeat brides... {{spirit fingers}}
...ok, so now that i've pulled my head from where the sun don't shine, just looked up this offbeat post on layer cake films from back in the day, and if you mention the offbeatbride ad you might could swing a little discount!

also, i totally want a super 8mm camera now. i want to make a sweet montage! me walking to work! cut to me drinking coffee! typing! typing! typing! typ... }


  1. Ohhh, I've worked with Michelle from Layer Cake and I'm crazy about their films!

    I actually sat transfixed and watched THREE of them on the web site at 2am.

    I wish we'd known about them when we got married; they're completely fabulous.

  2. Now this is a really cool idea! I wish I had this type of photographs taken at my wedding.

  3. see, I was totally a no way, won't even think about it on videographer, and now I'm thinking maybe...

    Anyway! You! With the hilarious writing! You need to write more on this site. Your taste is also totally impeccable, and I adore this site for it. But the writing! More, I say, more!

  4. Love this article and I love Super 8 too. I'm glad there are people speaking out for it. I recommend it to all my friends getting married. We actually used a company called Forever Films to shoot our wedding and were so happy I can't even tell you. The images they capture on film is unmatched by video. Our new wedding film has been the hit of many parties at my house. If you can afford it, you gotta do it! Here is their site (great people)


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