Thursday, June 19, 2008

gardeners sampler #1: flowers

{ tuberose the pearl bulbs from greenthing }

what, you ask, am i supposed to do with this suggestion, jen? you can't possibly think i have time to grow my own flowers, harvest them at the perfect moment, arrange them, run around in my dress placing them on tables in lots of little vases that i handcrafted from recycled vintage glassware and hand-sewn organically dyed soy ribbon, and maintain any shred of sanity?

no. martha stewart i'm not, kids.

but wait! the eco-friendly could:
a) package flower seeds or bulbs as favors
b) give them as a shower gift for a new home or
c) as a gift to gardening parents or inlaws
d) plant flowers now (or this fall) for an outdoor wedding in the future

for those of you with the Black Thumb (like me -- i am the ficus angel of death, it seems), most of these sound easy to grow and don't require much maintenance. or, if you know someone getting married who has the BT and you're garden-savvy, why not get them started in their new home by planting them a little patch of flowers? the gift that keeps on giving.

seeds and plants on etsy: who knew?
Fresh Heirloom Daisy Seeds to Plant a Whimsical Flower GardenMalva Mystic Merlin Seeds
Angels Trumpet Datura Inoxia seeds Night blooming5 Yellow Tulip Bulbs
Blackberry Lily, Belamcanda chinensisGNU RAYZ,iris rhizome
Aeonium PlantFragrant Cattlianthe Bactia Grape Wax Cattleya Orchid
GIANT Sunflower Seeds - Russian MammothsEmerald Forrest
Vegan Vermicompost - MediumDaffodil bulbs
{each photo links to its shop}

also -- check out this post at a practical wedding -- i may take back what i said above about DIY flowers, the dahlias in contact-paper-covered vases are *awesome*.


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