Friday, June 13, 2008

luck be a lady...

happy friday the 13th! which i maintain is lucky.

Wish, screenprinted microfiber necktie with wishbone, silver inkLUCKY STONE Sea Glass Cousin
lucky penny ringCherry Blossom silk scarves
good luck, letterpress cardArtifact 77 - site 47401 - Bloomington Indiana USA - crater 16
Lime Green Hard Luck PotholderHandbound Lined Journal - lucky black cat with gold
my lucky necklaceIrish Luck Green onyx Brown Tourmaline Yellow Vintage enamel Tulip Earrings
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  1. I agree that it's lucky! Yesterday (Fri. the 13th) was my mom's birthday. At 10:00, I decided to take the afternoon off to spend the day with her. I took the train out to the suburbs to meet her and while she was walking to the train, she found $13 blowing around on the sidewalk! :)

  2. Yesterday was my 6 year anniversary and we had a blast. So I say pshaw to the superstition!

  3. right on. you go mom! and happy happy anniversary! a day is lucky if you decide it is. :)

  4. youa lways have the most delightful finds on this blog. you've extended my evening's browsing session by at least 45 minutes!


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