Wednesday, June 25, 2008

loveofgreen: bottle gardens

{ tiki terrarium bottle garden }

ok, i don't mean to attack this poor shop on its second day of existence, but would you look how cute? tiny gardens... in bottles... that are hard to kill.

how this relates to weddings other than my somewhat bizarre garden obsession this week? i will give you the line my mother has used to great effect all my years:

because i said so.

yes! terraria. you saw it here first, eco-wedding friends. maybe a whole bunch of little ones in recycled bottles as a living favor.

loveofgreen, sorry to ambush you -- cannot resist cute tiny green plants...

Silvia - Terrarium - Bottle GardenOlive - Terrarium - Bottle Garden
Kaleidoscope - Terrarium - Bottle GardenTiki - Terrarium - Bottle Garden
more at


  1. they'd make great, interesting and reusable centerpieces!

  2. Adorable. I've seen fake ones at Target and such... little plastic moss and sprouts, and always thought they were neat. (Or would have been, if I didn't have such hatred for plastic plants.)

    I would lovelovelove that as a centerpiece in a garden wedding.

  3. of course! centerpieces. excellent!

  4. fantastic! thanks for posting on your blog. I didn't know everyone would like them so much.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love this idea!
    Martha has a few terrarium like centerpieces. I have been working on a few for my farm wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
    You can see them at my VERY TINY blog... here is the post:

  7. Dear Etsy,

    I am a journalist working for a new arts and craft magazine and am writing an article on bottle gardens. I would love to use some of your photos for this, if you are willing. You would, of course, be fully credited.

    Please contact me on if this is of interest.


    Sarah Adie

  8. dear sarah -- please click on the linked photo or go to to ask the original artist for photo permission/credit information. good luck with your article!

    etsywedding :)


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