Sunday, October 5, 2008

democracy in action! what would *you* post to etsywedding?

friends, it has been a while. a long while. there's only so much apologizing one blogger can do. and that gets me thinking: maybe i need to enlist some help. (!) and a here's a great idea (i think!): user-generated content! yes!

i'd like to pose several questions to you, my wedding-minded readers, in the democratic spirit of the election season.

the first: if price were no object, what four things on etsy would you get for your wedding?

send me an email with your four best links, and if you're so inclined a little note on why (but just the links are fine!) -- i will post the best ones with your byline (or if you prefer, a link to your blog).

here are the rules so far: (and please forgive the weird formatting, am having to post in IE from a pc rather than my beloved mac.)
1. please, no self promotion. this is a fun exploration of what etsy has to offer, not a competition for free advertising.

2. one email per question -- no multiples. please! you have no idea what my email inbox looks like. it is *utter mayhem* in there. craziness. a wild forest of unopened mail. in fact, let this stand as an apology to anyone who has written and not gotten a response. that includes you, mom.

3. choose compelling items with great photos. great photos are key. and creative, fun, gorgeous, why-didn't-we-think-of-that sorts of things. themes are welcome, as are color schemes.

4. i forget what four was for.

5. i reserve the right to call cease and desist on one question when i move on to the next one. this will save what is left of my sanity.

6. i won't be able to post everyone, but i will try, *try*! to keep up with you all. you are many, i am but one.

so: this may or may not work, we'll see how it goes, but definitely better than my current anemic posting schedule. right?

any questions? post in comments --

{{update 6.oct.08: like, duh! my email address! find me at etsywedding (at) gmail.}}


  1. maybe i'm a little dense because it's monday but where can i find your email?

  2. I second that question. I've searched and searched and am not finding it... ?

  3. no, the problem is mine. must stop posting late at night!

    write me at etsywedding (at) gmail!

  4. Is there any way that you can get your posts with pics to show up in Google Reader?

  5. great question, Yvonne!

    this has been a big internal debate for me -- when i was publishing full feeds i had a problem with "scraper" sites repackaging my content -- since then i've allowed 'partial' feeds, figuring folks will come to the site for the photos.

    the problem is it can be annoying to have to click through. it isn't meant as an inconvenience, and i don't publish *that* much content daily, so i promise to look into publishing full content again -- there's a new copyright program i need to install.

    thank you for your feedback and for reading! :)


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