Monday, May 18, 2009

let's win a camcorder, mmmkay?

Love Wins art charm
{ love wins art charm by jjbackman }

another 12+hour day at work (!) -- and just got one of those supposed-to-be-motivational, competition-inspiring emails from the folks over at the sandals dream honeymoon contest at

normally i am not a super-competitive type. if i were, i'd probably obsess more trying to read what the rest of the bridalogs are doing nine times a day to keep up. this week i can barely keep up with my own... (quality over quantity, right?)


we cracked the top 10! we're #7, actually, and have two (yes!) days more until the contest is over.
even though we started later than everyone else (my fault! bad blogger. sorry.)

so... suddenly i'm feeling competitive.

as i mentioned in my earlier post, not only do *you* get a chance to win a 3-day all inclusive honeymoon package -- staying in the top 10 gives *me* a chance to win a Flip Video MiniHD camcorder in a random drawing that, if i happen to win it, i will give directly to one of you. (to make it fair, you will have to have the confirmation email that you entered their contest to win). meta-contest. trippy.

enter here if you like, and please be sure to read the rules. contest ends wednesday.

more contests to come, and more posts!
now back to work...


  1. Tried to enter and help you, but no Canada love! Good luck though!

  2. thanks for trying, Jennifer! if we happen to win a camcorder, will put you in the running too :)

    etsy wedding: all canada love, all the time.


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