Wednesday, May 6, 2009

men's wedding gifts + gear

True Blue Bulls Eye Spirit Level Cufflinks.  Sterling Bezels Hand Tailored Suit
Ovation Boy Shirt Smokey Guitar Strap - Leather in Antique Brown
5 groomsman ties, any matching design, GET ONE FREE David star jewish kippah, yarmulke - wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Shabbat Kippah - judaica
Moss Green Distressed Leather Stainless Steel Flask - 8oz Vintage Map Custom Sterling Cufflinks
Gold and gray. wide. titanium band wood meets metal belt buckle
brown on brown shimmery freestyle bow tie salty brown leather snap belt
Black and White Herringbone Satchel Gentlemens Suit  Silk Scarf Set
Monogrammed embroidered mens hankies FREE SHIPPING-Dress up Dress down Tie
{each photo links to its shop}


  1. Those rings are beautiful and so cheap! Makes me think more about the titanium option. Thanks for posting this!

  2. ohh really sooo charming! what lovely things!

    adore them!

  3. i heart the vintage cufflinks and monogrammed hankies.

    we have a pile of generic gifts from things remembered...

    your list is just lovely.

  4. These are great, can't wait to show my guys!

  5. The ties are amazing! I wish more grooms would step out of the box and do a patterned tie for the groomsmen!!!

    Lilly Wedding

  6. we have a pile of generic gifts from things remembered. thanx

  7. Great collection. So adorable! If you haven't already seen the Top Hat Wine Pourer and Bottle Stopper you have to check it out! They're $3.95 at


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