Friday, May 22, 2009

happy second anniversary, etsy wedding!

Happy Anniversary
{ happy anniversary card by jeanfrancisbean }

crazy. two years!

this year i found love, moved in, faced surgery, lemonade and loss, and my sister made this amazing little thing i seriously can't get enough of. my life is radically different from this time last year, in ways large and small, and i'm so thankful to you all for coming along on the way -- i am full of hope for the summer and year to come.

if you like a little more misty nostalgia, here's my first anniversary and the beginning of it all. if i'd only known what i was getting myself into.

I'm So Glad I Found You... Instead of Jesus. Custom Lover's Portrait on Handwriting (DEPOSIT) - designed from your photo
SO HAPPY TOGETHER Custom Color Papel Picado (Mexican cut-paper banners) Happy Birthday/Bun Anniversaire - (french inspired) Letterpress Greeting Card
Lunchbox Notes...mixed set of three You and I - Newport, RI
Congratulations Card - Holy Moley Together Letterpress Card


  1. Happy anniversary! I love following your blog and I'm glad to hear that the last year has held some great things for you :-) Here's to another great year!

  2. happy anniversary dear! two years wow!!

    i'll wish you other 100 years like this! happy and in health


  3. Congratulations! What an awesome card. Here's to many more equally fabulous ones ahead.


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