Tuesday, May 5, 2009

why, hello there...

time flies card
{ time flies card by persimmonsgal }

i know! i know. girl's gone on blogcation.

it has been too long. a lethal-to-blogging combination of day-job-overwork and two other digital projects i've been trying to get my brain around, plus this unbelievably distracting creature that lives in my house. more on him in a minute.

also, either etsy or blogger has changed recently so i have a bunch of cleanup to do now so these links actually work. you may see some changes in format as i sort it out.

penance: i promise at least one post a day the rest of the week. srsly.

first, catching up (!!) with the mailbag:

you weddingbee readers are onto this, but just in case the tribal drums have not sent this message your way, you can win $1000 gift card, brand new macbook, and office 2008 over at the awesome
“Office for Mac DIY Wedding Contest” on weddingbee.com -- you have until may 8 to enter! plus 10 runners-up will receive a copy of the software. not too shabby, and looks like you can print DIY invitations with it... more info here. must investigate.

also, as a reward for your patience, i have not one but **two** contests to announce in the next few days, because i want you to have gorgeous free things.

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